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UK Flag 36, St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH2 2YB


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Public limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

25 March 1968

64205 Activities of financial services holding companies - Activities of financial services holding companies

Available to 19 May 2023. Next accounts due by 30 Jun 2024

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
John-Paul Thwaite Director
Mr Stuart Wilson Lewis Director
Ms Roisin Jane Catherine Donnelly Director
Ms Yasmin Jetha Director
Jan Cargill Company Secretary
Ms Katie Murray Director
Mr Patrick Gerard Flynn Director
Ms Lena Cooper Wilson Director
Mr Mark Donald Seligman Director
Mr Franck Emmanuel Dangeard Director
Sir Howard John Davies Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Alison Marie Rose-Slade
John Edward Hughes
Michael John Rogers
Ewen James Stevenson
Morten Nicolai Friis
Robert Andrew Joseph Gillespie
Nathan Mark Bostock
Ross Maxwell McEwan
Anthony Di Iorio
Alison Davis
Sheila Valerie Noakes
Aileen Norma Taylor
Brendan Robert Nelson
Penelope Lesley Hughes
Philip Gordon Scott
Bruce Winfield Van Saun
Alexander Maxwell Crombie
Philip Roy Hampton
Stephen Alan Michael Hester
John McFarlane
Arthur Frederick Ryan
Mark Andrew Fisher
William Michael Friedrich
John Alastair Nigel Cameron
Guy Robert Whittaker
Janis Carol Kong
Thomas Fulton Wilson McKillop
Charles John Koch
Archibald Sinclair Hunter
Joseph Patrick MacHale
Colin Alexander Mason Buchan
James Mcgill Currie
Stephen Arthur Robson
Robert Avisson Scott
Peter Denis Sutherland
Frederick Inglis Watt
Gordon Francis Pell
Cameron McLatchie
Frederick Anderson Goodwin
Juan Rodriguez Inciarte
Eileen Alison MacKay
Charles Murray Stuart
Miller Roy McLean
Robert Speirs
William Moore Wilson
Vallance Of Tummel
Iain Samuel Robertson
Lawrence Kingsbaker Fish
Norman Cardie McLuskie
George Anthony Schofield
Peter John Wood
Derek French Channon
Elizabeth Hawkins Nelson
Jaime Botin-Botin De Sautuola Y Garcia De Los Rios
Frederick Ranald Noel-Paton
John Alistair Barclay
Ian Clark Wood
David Robinson
Kennedy Campbell Foster
Emilio Botin-Sanz De Sautuola Y Garcia De Los Rios
George Graboys
Robert Mitchell Maiden
Charles Milne Winter
Robin Duthie
Peter Edward Gerald Balfour
Carron Greig
Angus Mcfarlane Mcleod Grossart
Alexander Macdonald Hamilton
Michael Young-Herries
James Craufuird Roger Inglis
Norman Quick
Adam Thomson
Kenneth Thompson
George Ross Mathewson
David George Patrick Airlie
George Morgan Thomson
John Nigel Courtenay James
Charles Frederick Eardley Shakerley
Ian Faulconer Heathcoat Grant
Austin William Pearce
Henry Edward Farley
Maurice Victor Blank
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £88,897,000,000.00 £80,993,000,000.00 £124,489,000,000.00 £177,757,000,000.00 £144,832,000,000.00
Net Worth £39,120,000,000.00 £36,925,000,000.00 £37,205,000,000.00 £35,073,000,000.00 £29,372,000,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £647,745,000,000.00 £679,483,000,000.00 £755,667,000,000.00 £740,189,000,000.00 £683,557,000,000.00
Total Current Assets £681,856,000,000.00 £716,417,000,000.00 £787,517,000,000.00 £769,844,000,000.00 £712,937,000,000.00
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