Director Check

Director checks are an essential part of your due diligence process. They can also be used to prospect for new leads and to better understand the structure of companies with which you do business on a daily basis. As the most used source of UK business data, Company Check gives you access to comprehensive company director information.

How to access director check reports?

Use the search box above to locate the subject director and click Buy Now. You will have the option to unlock a single report or subscribe to one of our plans below:

What’s included in a director check report?

Based on official Companies House records and updated daily, our director check reports include:


When an individual is appointed as a company director or secretary, they are required to file personal details including full name, month and year of birth, registered address, and nationality. This information can assist in identifying a subject where there are many individuals with the same name.


Available in as easy-to-read sortable table, each of an individual’s company directorships are listed detailing the business name and current trading status, position held (director or company secretary), date of appointment. For historic appointments, the resignation date also.


Key financials for each of a director’s appointments including Cash at bank, Net Worth, Total Current Liabilities and Total Current Assets. Click through to the relevant company to view full complete year-on-year digitised figures in an exportable, easy to read desktop format.

Credit Risk

Company Check continuously analyses the financial and credit risks associated with all a director’s companies. For each active appointment a director check includes a risk score (likelihood of insolvency), maximum recommended credit limit, total count and sum of monies owed via county court judgements, mortgages and charges. This information is used to create a unique 1-5 star director rating, giving you an instant signal about the success of individual’s business relationships.

Related Directors

All director checks include a list of individuals linked to a director based on shared officer appointments at a company, enabling you to review a director’s colleagues and professional network at a glance. The sortable table format includes the total number of appointments held by an individual, with links through to the company at which the position is held to dig deeper.

What is a director check?

A director check is used to better understand an individual’s current and historic business interests, and any risks associated with the companies they have been appointed to.

Knowing who sits on the board of directors in any company with which you do business can reveal important insight into how the company operates and who makes the decisions.

Why is it important to check a director?

Broaden your due diligence

While credit checking a new customer you may find that the company in question is a start up with very little credit to its name to date. By analysing its directors you could establish that the subject is headed up by a director with a wide portfolio of successful businesses under their belt. This may give you incentive to extend credit to that business despite its relative youth.


You might be prospecting for new leads into your business. Searching by director could reveal that a director with whom you already have a relationship, also owns another company you could sell your products or services into.

Finding out who the director of a company you wish to reach can also give you a direct line to the key decision maker - a highly valuable insight for anyone working in sales or business development.