Company Accounts

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The company accounts area of Company Check gives you access to the financial accounts of over 15 million registered businesses.

Protect your business and better understand the companies you work with. With Company Check, you can search for any business registered with Companies House via our free search service. All company records include top level financials free of charge, with in depth company accounts statements available as part of a yearly subscription or pay-as-you-go model.

Why access company accounts?

Company accounts give you an insight into the financial status of a company.

When you’re prospecting for new customers, for example, you may find it useful to review the accounts of the company beforehand to assess their viability as a prospect.

Monitoring the financial status of companies with which you already work, such as customers or suppliers, ensures you’re better informed in terms of their ability to fulfil their financial obligations to you. You may make decisions on the agreement terms of a new business relationship based on the company accounts information.

What are company accounts?

Company accounts are submitted by all companies registered with Companies House on an annual basis.

Also known as ‘statutory accounts’, company accounts outline key financial data for a business over the previous 12 month period. They include:

  • A balance sheet, which shows everything the company owns, owes and is owed
  • A profit and loss account (P&L)
  • Directors’ report

Why use Company Check for company accounts?

It’s fast, easy to use, and free.

Company Check digitises the financial information filed in the accounts submitted to Companies House. This enables us to deliver the numbers to you in on screen graphs and sortable financial tables that you can export instantly for use in spreadsheets and external applications.

All company reports on Company Check include a free top level financial summary. Register free to view a detailed financial reports via the ‘financials’ tab on any record.

Alongside the on-screen numbers, registered users can also download original Companies House document filings from the ‘Documents’ tab.

How to better understand a company’s accounts

It pays to understand how a company is performing and financials enable you identify any detrimental trends in cash flow for example. The limitation with annual accounts however is that they’re filed annually. These annual filings can tell you how the company performed in the previous 12 month picture which is not sufficient in understanding how a business is doing today.

This is why a Company Credit Check is essential to understand any risks associated with a company and it’s projected financial performance. By analysing latest financial trends alongside various key risk factors, a Company Credit Check gives you an instant Risk Rating to inform you about a company’s predicted performance over the next 12 month period.

Become a subscriber of Company Check and get Credit Reports as part of your membership, or choose to pay on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simply locate the subject company or director and click Buy Now.