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UK Flag 1, St James S Market, London, SW1Y 4AH


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Active - Accounts Filed

11 August 2010


Available to 29 Sep 2023. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2024

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr Jeffrey Currie LLP Member
Ms Elisa Russo LLP Member
Mr Maxwell MacKlin LLP Member
Mr Gary Gillis LLP Member
Mr Christoph Gadermair LLP Member
Mr Alex Barrett LLP Member
Mr William Canty-Collins LLP Member
Mr Neel Gangani LLP Member
Ms Anna Jasniak LLP Member
Mr Michael Zornitta LLP Member
Mr Petr Rieger LLP Member
Mr Sam Lukaitis LLP Member
Mr Thomas Roy John Cambidge LLP Member
Mr Mark Dale LLP Member
Mr William Woolsey LLP Member
Mr Romain Azoulai LLP Member
Mr Marton Kenessey LLP Member
Ms Risham Saif LLP Member
Mr Gordon Scott LLP Member
Mrs. Sophie Dodson LLP Member
Mrs. Clare Copeland LLP Member
Mr Neal Costello LLP Member
Mrs. Katie Stradling LLP Member
Mr Bendik Dahle LLP Member
Mr Antonio Capo LLP Member
Mr Remy Salettes LLP Member
Mr Dylan Underhay LLP Member
Miss Marianne Parker LLP Member
Mr Louis Choy LLP Member
Ms Katharine Neureiter LLP Member
Ms Lucy Caroline Shamdasani LLP Member
Mr Andrew Kenny LLP Member
Miss Anna-Louise Oliver LLP Member
Mr Constantin Boye LLP Member
Mr Oliver Koethe LLP Member
Mrs Vjerana Burleigh LLP Member
Mr Andrew Kiat Siong Tan LLP Member
Mr Nick James Reid LLP Member
Ms Jennifer Barker LLP Member
Mr Parminder Singh LLP Member
Mr Charles Villet LLP Member
Mr Cyril Guillaume Mario Bourdarot LLP Member
Miss Lubna Qunash LLP Member
Mr Alex Wagenberg LLP Member
Mr Chris Alexander Marquis Scott LLP Member
Mr Carl Victor Backstrom LLP Member
Mr James Robert Maguire LLP Member
Mr Guido Funes Nova LLP Member
Mrs Heather Mitchell LLP Designated Member
Mr Andrew Howlett-Bolton LLP Member
Ms Katherine Elmore-Jones LLP Member
Mr Brian Richard Lindley LLP Member
Mr Vladimir Albert Georges Lasocki LLP Member
Mr Michael Jurgen Wand LLP Member
Mr Gregor Bohm LLP Member
Mr Thorsten Dippel LLP Member
Mr Fernando Chueca LLP Member
CECP, L.L.C. LLP Designated Member

Previous Directors & Secretaries

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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £6,702,000.00 £2,155,000.00 £12,242,000.00 £18,593,000.00 £11,245,000.00
Net Worth £17,797,000.00 £19,140,000.00 £14,679,000.00 £24,202,000.00 £23,433,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £21,736,000.00 £19,460,000.00 £37,398,000.00 £45,068,000.00 £43,042,000.00
Total Current Assets £35,690,000.00 £41,033,000.00 £54,625,000.00 £71,783,000.00 £68,390,000.00
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