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UK Flag 99 Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0AN


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Disqualified Director Appointed with No Exception

01 August 2002

- Acquiring films, arranging for the leasing and distribution of these films and acting as licensor of the films.

Available to 05 Apr 2019. Next accounts due by 05 Jan 2021

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Christopher Ruddle Director
Mr Paul Mason Director
Mr Peter Gordon Evans Director
Marcelino Elena Sierra Director
Mr Nikos Dabizas Director
Mr Stephen John Yarwood Director
Mr Paul Augustus Warren Director
Mr Keith Howard Garber Director
Mr Timothy Ian Watkins Director
Mrs Mary Catherine Best Director
Mr Henry Norman Lewis Director
Mr Gary Lloyd Director
Mr Ian William Gibson Director
Mr John Michael Osborne Director
Mr Michael David Moss Director
Mr Angus Mc Landers Director
Mr Alok Dhanda Director
Mr Gary Terence Wilkins Director
Mr Ronald William Southern Director
Mr Paul Geoffrey Killik Director
Miss Ailene Margaret Charlton Director
Mr David Hase Osborne Director
Mr Adrian Vaughan Shipman Sharpe Director
Mr Alan Malcolm Thompson Director
Mr Christopher Richard Scott Hardie Director
Jonathan Andrew Sadler Director
Mr Geoffrey Demaine Hill Director
Primo Bertolli Director
Mr Jonathan William Frederic Peart Director
Mr Stanley Leslie Miller Director
Mr Peter Glenn Sellars Director
Mr Paul John Kavanagh Director
Mr James Denis Saunders Director
Sami Al Sayed Director
Mr Keith Reginald Harris Director
Mr Mark Price Director
Mr Robert James Curson Director
Mr Ivan Richard Dunn Director
Mr William Grahame Ralph Younger Director
Mrs Susan Barbara Garrad Director
Mrs Ann Elizabeth Shankland Director
Mr Anthony Edwin Carlisle Director
Mr David Paul Couch Director
Mr Martin John Edward Tidd Director
Mr Terence Shelby Cole Director
Mr James Edward Chilcott Director
Mr Christopher David Fishwick Director
Mr James Coldwell Director
Mr Stephen William Vaughan Director
Mr Joseph Wayne Case Director
Mr David Lee Scorah Director
Mr David Bonner Director
Mr Peter Alfred Brown Director
Mr Anthony Mark Biggs Director
Mr Peter Frank Gosling Director
Mr Glenn George McCrory Director
Mr James Sweeney Director
Mr Michael Kelly Director
Mr Andrew Douglas Lloyd-Skinner Director
Mr Andrew Charles Fisher Director
Mr Olivier Brousse Director
Sir Robert Brian Williamson Director
Mr Robert Mark Hartley Director
Mr Anthony Slimmings Director
Mr John Robert Hutt Director
Ms Wendy Johnston Director
Mr George Brian Kirk Director
Mr Alan Gray Director
Mr Kenneth John Morris Director
Mr David Robert Beaton Director
Mr David Hugh Thompson Director
Mrs Jm Ruddle 1997 Discretionary Settlement Director
Mr David Charles Moulsdale Director
Mrs Catherine Lynda McLanders Director
Mr Oliver Dacourt Director
Ms Maria Theresa Barlow Director
Ms Elizabeth Patricia Norton Director
Ms Bernadette Mary Wightman Director
Mr Stephen Best Director
Mr Trevor Gordon Walker Director
Mr Christopher Peter Lane Director
Mr Andrew Marshall Halmer Director
Mr Timothy Anthony Kilroe Director
Mr Mark Neil Steinberg Director
Mr Andrew Roy Wheaton Director
Mr John Linney Director
Mr Alain Leopold Grisay Director
Ms Joan Alison Linney Director
Mr Robert Ross Linney Director
Mr Nicholas Paul Farrell Director
Mr Lee Robert Clark Director
Lord Gary Blair Farrow Director
Mr William Robert Moody Director
Mr Steven Patrick Ronksley Director
Mr Gordon Edward Orr Director
Mr Howard Leslie Gant Director
Mr David Banks Director
Mr Gideon John Scott Ward Director
Mr Julian Henry Ponsonby Director
Mr Anders Hansen Director
Mr Grant Notman Director
Mr Adam Paul Apter Director
Dr Graham John Walker Director
Mr Gordon William Galloway French Director
Mr Bhupendra Gandhi Director
Mr Martin James Gilbert Director
Mr Anthony Charles Philip Wharton Director
Mr Martin Orr Director
Mr Robert Michael Storey Director
Mr Matthew Nicholson Orr Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To "born& Bred - Series 2" And "rehab" Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To "cheeky" Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To "the Actors" Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To The Film "dot The I" Societe Generale,london; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To "the Water Giant" Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Chrge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Pledge And Charge Relating To The Films"born & Bred - Series 2" And "rehab" Center House Productions Limited; SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Net Worth £45,941,882.00 £45,963,180.00 £45,999,597.00 £46,022,277.00 £46,069,077.00
Total Current Liabilities £0.00 £0.00 £1,282,890.00 £660.00 £21,529.00
Total Current Assets £38,139,534.00 £42,589,112.00 £47,282,487.00 £46,030,152.00 £46,095,708.00
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