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UK Flag 99 Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0AN


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Active - Accounts Filed

20 May 2002

- Acquiring films, arranging for the leasing and distribution of these films and acting as licensor of the films.

Available to 05 Apr 2019. Next accounts due by 05 Jan 2021

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Paul John Trowbridge Director
Mr Robin Jeremy Charles Higham Director
Ramakrishna Mudadagiri Director
Mr David Ashley Cook Director
Mr Michael Ronald Garnett Sharp Director
Mr David Miles Middleton Director
Mr Jonathan Walker Director
Mr Richard Sheridan Director
Mr David Charles Southgate Director
Mr Lance Darrell Gordon Uggla Director
Mr Matthew Robert Green Director
Mr Simon John Ross Director
Mr Paul Frederick Tutin Director
Mr Steven Gurpal Singh Director
Mr John Morrison Robert Millar Director
Mr Nadir Sikander Latif Director
Mr Sanjiv Mahal Director
Mrs Pamela Mary Harris Director
Mr Laurent Delorge Director
Mr David Richard Brooke Director
Mr Paul Anthony Smith Director
Mr John Dyer Lumley Director
Ms Josephine June Rowley Director
Mr Philip John Wilson Director
Mr Raymond Clive Tooth Director
Mr Andrew John Magson Director
Mr Andrew Giles Finlinson Brash Director
Mr Alan Stewart Nedas Director
Mr Gabriel Choon Moi Kow Director
Mr John Norman Harris Director
Mrs Amanda Ross Director
Mr Rhoderick Martin Swire Director
Mr Patrick Gerard Newton Director
Guduther Raghavendra Setty Director
Mr David Christopher Morris Director
Mr Charles Richard Gray Director
Mr Alan Neil Brown Director
Lee Martin Stenson Director
Mr Martin George Parker Director
Mr Prashant Babubhai Patel Director
Mr Michael Lawrence Filer Director
Mr David John Wood Director
Mr Winston Bogarde Director
Ms Celine Ann Cassidy Director
Mr James Patrick Casiddy Director
Mr Roderick Clifford Evans Director
Mr Stephen Benjamin Howard Director
Mr Roy Anthony Gabbie Director
Mr William Robert Griffiths Director
Mr Mohammed Hassan Jiva Director
Mr Humphrey Richard Percy Director
Mr David Craggs Director
Mr Daniel Kerven Director
Mr Michael Hilton Director
Mr Christopher Martin Huggett Director
Mr Nicholas David Anthony Greenstone Director
Mr Simon Csoka Director
Mr Anthony Charles Stephen Druttman Director
Ms Adrienne Lesley De Vos Director
Mr Timothy Geoffrey Fraser Lord Director
Estate Of Rajesh Parkash Director
Mr Alain Leopold Grisay Director
Mr John Alan Skrimshire Director
Mr Nigel Alexander Carter Director
Mr Stuart Alan Charles Cakebread Director
Mrs Helen Mary Fryer Director
Ms Janet Smith Director
Mr Adam Paul Apter Director
Mr Christopher Evangeli Director
Mr Nicholas Anthony Athanasou Director
Ms Georgina Susanne Keene Director
Mr Nicholas Evangeli Director
Ms Elaine Ann Magson Director
Shyeena Waugh Director
Mr Robert Willoughby Elias Director
Mr Kieran Looney Director
Mr David Charles Longley Director
Mr James Bruce McKendrick Director
Mr Matthew Duncan Wightman Director
Mr Peter Glenn Sellars Director
Mr James Robert Burgess Director
Mr James Measures Director
Mr Stephen John Yarwood Director
Mr Alan Stubbs Director
Dr Philip Gerard Guest Director
Mr Manoj Vadhera Director
Mr James Edward Baird Director
Mr John Beare Director
Dr Joseph Chandy Director
Mr Andrew Hylton Young Director
Dr Mark Nathaniel Collins Director
Mr Peter David Ebdon Director
Mr Mark Andrew Woods Director
Mrs Victoria Reynolds Jenkinson Director
Mr Malcolm Foulis Director
Mr Geoffrey Arthur Jordan Director
Mr Frank Geoffrey Fielding Director
Mr Gerrard Leslie Henry Director
Mr Colin Ian Mcmillan Armstrong Bell Director
Primo Bertorelli Director
Mr Alan James Brydon Director
Mr Adrian Vaughan Shipman Sharpe Director
Mrs Alexandra Patricia Wilson Director
Mr Nicholas Thomas De Winton Director
Mr David Rhodes Director
Jonathan Rhodes Director
Mr David Henry Williams Director
Jonathan Charles Creagh Coen Director
Mr Matthew John Northover Director
Mr Geoffrey Richard Long Director
Mr Gerard Anthony O Brien Director
Mr Leslie James Patient Director
Mr Dipak Maganlal Thakrar Director
Mr Malcolm Bruce Oastler Director
Mr The Executors Of The Estate Of David Ernest Henry Robson Director
Mr Damien Devine Director
Mr Seth Art Maurice Johnson Director
Mr Kenneth John Rowley Director
Mr David Arthur Edmund Gibbs Director
Mr Nicholas Nicholson Director
Mr Peter Hennell Director
Mr Edward Martin Burgess Olley Director
Mr Alexander Charles Duncan Director
Ms Petra Katherine Osborne Fardon Director
Mr Thomas Dicker Director
Mr Michael Makepeace Eugene Jeffries Director
Mrs Susanne Carter Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To The Film Entitled 'a Different Loyalty' Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Charge Over Assets In Relation To The Film "my Brother Is A Dog" Societe Generale; SATISFIED
Deed Of Amendment Societe Generale; SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Net Worth £42,287,447.00 £42,330,457.00 £42,361,057.00 £42,386,977.00 £0.00
Total Current Liabilities £0.00 £0.00 £660.00 £194.00 £5,001.00
Total Current Assets £4,099,671.00 £4,517,431.00 £46,335,495.00 £42,387,221.00 £31,641.00
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