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UK Flag 71-75 Covent Garden, Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ


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Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

02 December 1998

84250 Fire service activities - Fire service activities

Available to 11 Aug 2023. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2024

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Ms Shantha Catherina Dickinson Director
Mr Nick David Ross Director
Ms Susannah Mary Hancock Company Secretary
Mr Daniel Richard Wood Director
Ms Catherine Elizabeth Skinner Director
Mr David Francis Stout Director
Ms Louise Margaret Taylor Director
Mr Ross Fraser Haggart Director
Mr Andrew Dudley Roe Director
Mr Wayne Mitchell Bowcock Director
Mr Roger Simon Thomas Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Katie Alice Eason
Michael David Crennell
Cameron Edward March
David Campbell McGown
Teresa Maria Budworth
Amy Catherine Webb
Danielle Amara Cotton
Simon David Furlong
Alexander Gary Thompson
Michael David Crennell
Christopher Noel Kenny
John Roberts
Steven Robert Adams
Andrew John Fry
Geoffrey Mark Howsego
Lewis George Edward Ramsay
Kieran Joseph Timmins
David Etheridge
Huw Dennis Jakeway
John Beckerleg
Ann Margaret Millington
Paul David Roger Hancock
Graeme Smith
Peter Andrew Dartford
Alasdair George Hay
Paul Maurice Fuller
David Edward Curry
Roy Andrew Wilsher
Vijith Randeniya
Susan Johnson
Lee Thomas Howell
Mark William Smitherman
Iain Carvel Cox
Peter Michael Holland
Ron Dobson
Nicholas Dennis Collins
John Douglas Bonney
Margaret Mary Harte
Charles Donald Hendry
Kenneth John Knight
Francis John Edward Sheehan
Rhonda Lyn Bedford
Douglas William Gray Niven MacKay
Brian Alexander Murray
John Charles Parry
Desmond George Michael Prichard
Barry Dixon
Cheryl Rolph
Simon Ashley Smith
Paul Woods
Roy William Bishop
Stephen Seaber
Martin Donald Burrell
Stephen John McGuirk
Eric Lloyd Clark
John Williams
John Christopher Doyle
Thomas Martin Daniel Carroll
Philip Cursley Toase
Alan Doig
Alan Stephen Currey
Alan Charles McCormack
John Christopher McCall
Bernard Cahill
John Eamon McLelland
Derek Shepherd Marr
Ronnie King
Dennis Tyrone Davis
Richard Bull
Peter James Jones
Paul Young
David Anthony Turner
John Jameson
Martin Sean Coffey
Martin Kitchen
Kenneth John Knight
Malcolm Eastwood
Jeffery Ord
Kenneth Edwin Rose
Andrew Edward Best
James Gordon Russel
Brian Gordon Robinson
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £3,967,823.00 £4,992,869.00 £3,492,981.00 £4,647,002.00 £3,450,519.00
Net Worth £2,972,739.00 £3,357,361.00 £3,956,922.00 £4,154,605.00 £3,303,214.00
Total Current Liabilities £1,304,058.00 £1,735,629.00 £3,963,771.00 £4,843,000.00 £4,290,902.00
Total Current Assets £4,057,176.00 £5,092,990.00 £7,920,691.00 £8,997,605.00 £7,594,116.00
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