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UK Flag Barnards Inn, Barnards Inn Hall, London, London, EC1N 2HH


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Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using Limited

Active - Accounts Filed

28 July 1994

85421 First-degree level higher education - First-degree level higher education

Available to 01 May 2024. Next accounts due by 30 Apr 2025

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr Richard Charles Edwin Smith Company Secretary
Professor Raghavendra Rau Director
Mrs Lucy Fiona Walsh Waring Director
Mrs Nighat Qureishi Director
Mr Vincent Thomas Keaveny Director
Mr Christopher John Vermont Director
Mrs Lucy Petrie Company Secretary
Mr Charles Edward Lord Director
Mr Ahamed Dowshan Humzah Director
Mr Geoffrey Cale Matthews Director
Mrs Michelle Denise Gurney Director
Ms Johanne Erica Delahunty Director
Mr Loyd Daniel Gilman Grossman Director
Mr Raymond John Long Director
Ms Deborah Clare Walker-Arnott Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Tijs Broeke
Keith David Forbes Bottomley
Katherine Mary Blundell
Simon John Thurley
Christopher Michael Hayward
Anthony Edward Hodson
Mary Clare Loughlin-Chow
Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith
Martyn Charles Thomas
John George Stewart Scott
Belinda Elizabeth Jack
Richard John Evans
Carolin Susan Crawford
Giles Robert Evelyn Shilson
Ruth Lynn Deech
Timothy John Palmer
Valerie Grace Shrimplin
Robin Anthony Eve
William Harold Ayliffe
George Laurence Brock
Roderick Mark Hubert Wathen
Francis Edmund Gabriel Cox
John David Barrow
Xenia Violet Dennen
William Ayliffe
Andrew Michael Burnett
Barbara Mary Anderson
Ian Morrison
Thomas Dieter Dirk Hoffman
Simon D'olier Duckworth
Menna Lyn McGregor
Malcolm George William Gillies
Anthony Noel Eskenzi
John Christopher Carrington
Roger Parker
Michael Raymond Mainelli
Peter William Hill
Robin James Wilson
Daniel Houghton Hodson
Vernon Bogdanor
Stewart Ross Sutherland Of Houndwood
Alison Jane Gowman
Adrian Thomas
Kathleen Mildred Burk
Michael Greville Dudgeon
Gwen Griffith Dickson
Chris Humphries
Glynne Stanfield
Richard Eric Susskind
Lawrence St John Thomas Jackson
John Bourn
Francis Edwin Close
Brian Garton Jenkins
Archibald Duncan Galloway
John Vernon Harry Robins
Hilary Ann Rose
Jack Wigglesworth
Charles Herbert Parker
Stanislas Michael Yassukovich
Roderick Castle Floud
Colin Trevor Pillinger
Thomas Cannon
James Naughtie
Corinna Margaret Dolignon Furse
Peter Philip Rigby
Peter John Hennessy
Lynette Angela Christine Hunter
Raoul Norman Franklin
Heather Anita Couper
George Hannam Webb
Elizabeth Jean Smith
Lesley Howard Rees
Geoffrey Michael Montgomery Wakeford
Peter Nailor
Andreas Robert Prindl
John Bonker
Judith Charles Mayhew Jonas
Peter Anning Revell-Smith
Guy David Neely
Duncan Martyn Watney
Francis Robert Baden-Powell
Arthur Brian Wilson
Esmond Patrick Thomson Roney
David Neville Vermont
George Hannam Webb
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £315,123.00 £510,997.00 £864,103.00 £914,494.00 £875,597.00
Net Worth £323,384.00 £333,375.00 £458,460.00 £470,306.00 £459,547.00
Total Current Liabilities £87,621.00 £233,598.00 £459,490.00 £477,182.00 £506,445.00
Total Current Assets £402,144.00 £558,209.00 £900,483.00 £937,929.00 £931,312.00
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