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UK Flag C/o Kroll, 10 Fleet Palce, London, EC4M 7RB


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Private limited with Share Capital

Company is dissolved

25 January 1989

47190 Other retail sale in non-specialised stores - The operation of department stores and duty free concessions around the world. in february 2003 the company was acquired by scarlett retail limited on behalf of minerva plc.

Available to 30 Jun 2004. Next accounts due by 30 Mar 2006

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Brian Harvey Fidler Director
Ms Emma Jane Sharpe Company Secretary
Mr Philip Robert Cox Director
Mr Harvey Brian Lipsith Director
Mr Andrew John Pettit Director
Miss Caroline Rosemary Chard Company Secretary
Mr Michael Percy Adams Director
Mr Eric Anthony Barton Director
Mr Stephen Paul Tague Director
Mr Stephen Hugh Smith Company Secretary
Mr Anthony David Collyer Director
Mr Wilson Yao Chang Lee Director
Mr Terence Anthony Green Director
Mr Aaron Omar Johari Director
Ms Catherine Helen Webster Director
Mr Robert David Prideaux Company Secretary
Mr Harvey Bertenshaw Ainley Director
Mr James Lane Tuckey Director
Mr James Corry Blakemore Director
Mr Stan Joel Kaufman Director
Mr Paul Brooks Director
Mr Arthur John Rixon Director
Mr Peter Robert Sherratt Director
Mr Peter Alan Slaymaker Director
Mr John Harmer Pattisson Director
Mr Trevor David Mercer Director
Mr David Eardley Garrard Director
Lady Barbara Singer Judge Director
Baroness Detta O'Cathain Director
Mr Dominic Joseph Lavelle Director
Mr Andrew Ian Rosenfeld Director
The Rt Hon The Lord James Michael Leathes Prior Director
Mr Rodney Guy Ivey Director
Mr Terrance Anthony Green Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Charge Federal Airports Corporation SATISFIED
Debenture Mable Commercial Funding Limited (The "security Trustee") OUTSTANDING
Debenture Danske Bank A/s SATISFIED
Debenture The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC SATISFIED
Debenture Mable Commercial Funding Limited OUTSTANDING
Debenture Mable Commercial Funding Limited (As Security Trustee For The Senior Finance Parties) OUTSTANDING
Guarantee And Debenture Hanson PLC SATISFIED
Guarantee & Debenture Hanson PLCas Trustee For The Benefit Of The Stockholders SATISFIED
Guarantee & Debenture Chemical Bank SATISFIED
Guarantee & Debenture Barclays Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Guarantee & Debenture Barclays Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge Hanson PLC SATISFIED
Legal Charge Hanson PLC SATISFIED
Legal Charge Chemical Bank SATISFIED
Legal Charge Chemical Bank SATISFIED
Legal Mortgage Chemical Bank SATISFIED
Legal Mortgage Chemical Bank SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Net Worth
Total Current Liabilities
Total Current Assets
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