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UK Flag 2 Bricket Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3JW


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Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using Limited

Non trading

11 October 1988

99999 Dormant Company - The company was dormant during y/e 30.03.16.

Available to 31 Mar 2019. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Dennis Sonnenberg Director
Mr John James McLaren Director
Mr Peter George Newbery Company Secretary
Mr Derek Brian Mandy Director
Mr Peter William Unwin Director
Mr Michael Staff Director
Dr Edward Bassett Director
Dr Ian Hugh Thurston Director
Mr Michael Mcarthur White Director
Mr Richard David Woolsey Director
Ms Grace Mary Gardner Director
Mr Herve Nieuwenhuys Director
Gertruda Jacoba Maria De Witte Director
Mr Richard John Biddlecombe Company Secretary
Mr Paul James Allen Director
Dr Bozenna Konera Director
Mrs Anna Mary Beatrice Greenhalgh Director
Ms Joan Kathleen Fallert Director
Mr Robert Alden Dunster Director
Mr Christopher Godfrey Reader Buxton Director
Yves Verstraeten Director
Dr Bruce Albert Kaye Director
Lady Moya Frances Gabrielle Denman Director
Mr Peter Rhodes Woodhead Director
Fpri Dr Ing Guido Franco Giancola Director
Mr Noel Henry Burdett Director
Gian Giacomo Attolico-Trivulzio Director
Mr Mario Marco Degasperi Director
Mr Michael John Milner Director
Dr Carel Brands Director
Mr John Baldwin Munro Company Secretary
Mr John Baldwin Munro Director
Mr John Turnbull Director
Ms Mary Butzow Director
Mr David Andrew Whiteley Director
Mr Paul Thomas Wardley Wilson Director
Mr Romano Romani Director
Ms Miyoko Imai Director
Masayo Kidani Director
Ms Diella Natasha Singarayer Company Secretary
Ms Deirdre Torpey Director
Ms Monique Verstraeten Director
Mr Noel Joseph Purcell Director
Mr Alan Penrhyn-Lowe Director
Mr Thomas William Baptie Director
Mr Martin Cornelus Marea Aerts Director
Mr Felix Hubert Antoin Van Daelen Director
Mr Peter Smale Director
Mr John Allan Snowie Director
Dr Alina Danuta Deluga Director
Dr Walter Charles Cooper Director
Prof Jadwiga Skierczynska Director
Mr Andrew Jonathan Dann Director
Mr Robert Somerville Foster Murphy Director
Ms Moira Anne Bacon Director
Ms Faith Christine Williamson Director
Mr Michael Leonard Brooks Director
Jean Claude Menn Director
Mr Michael Edward Townley Director
Mrs Shena Robertson Cole Director
Mr Alfred Hoffmann Director
Mr Peter Francis Child Director
Bozenna Blaim Director
Mrs Catherine Chloe Brady Director
Mr Richard Kenneth Seaman Company Secretary
Rev Dr John William Stewart Clark Director
Miss Jane Caroline Margaret Reynolds Director
Mrs Judith Jane Perry Dunster Director
Mr Edward Donelan Director
Lieut Colonel John Edward Dent Director
Mr John Robinson Director
Dr Mandla Absalom Tshabalala Director
Mr Nigel McNaught Company Secretary
Moya Quinlan Director
Mr Ronald Critchley Kenyon Director
Mr John Stanley Crump Hanson Director
Mr Matthew John Gregson Company Secretary
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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