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Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using Limited

In Liquidation

21 April 1987

85590 Other education n.e.c. - A group engaged to give practical to the transformation of secondary education in england by building and enabling a world class network of innovative, high performing secondary schools and academie. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. T/O = Total incoming resources.

Available to 31 Mar 2010. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2011

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR JUDE CHIN Director -
Mr Mohammed Anwar Pervez Obe, Hpk Director
Mr Donald George Bompas Director
Baroness Sue Campbell Director
Sir Peter Austin Simpson Director
Sir Michael John Snyder Director
Lord Stanley Fink Director
Sir James Frederick Hill Director
Mr Geoffrey Michael Montgomery Wakeford Director
Sir Dexter Walter Hutt Director
Mr Gideon Meyer Director
Professor Alan David Pearman Director
Lord Stanley Kalms Director
Mr Brian Hutchinson Director
Mr Joseph Harmatz Director
Sir Ronald Halstead Director
Mr Michael Anthony Gibbons Director
Mr David Colville Mostyn Prichard Director
Mr Christopher James Campbell Director
Mr Robert William Maas Director
Mr Philip McTague Director
Mr Stephen David Gallaiher Director
Dr Christina Townsend Director
Mr Stanley Richard Goodchild Director
Mr Edgar William Jenkins Director
Professor Graham Frederick Welch Director
Sir Peter Lampl Director
Mr Roger Sidney Hancock Company Secretary
Lady Doris Butterworth Director
Mr Michael James Griffiths Director
Mr Colin Alfred Shock Director
Mr William James Speechley Director
Sir Michael Wilkins Director
Councillor Suzanne Margaret Nolan Director
Ms Janie Orr Director
Mr Ian Arthur Foster Director
Ms Mary Barry Director
Mr Martin Richard Landau Director
Ms Pamela Sarah Coward Director
Mr Neville Allan Soper Director
Mr Malcolm Robert Evans Director
Mr John Austen Nelson-Jones Director
Mr Robert John Findlay Director
Mr George Frederick Little Proctor Director
Mr Stuart Jackson Robinson Director
Mr Stephen Andrew Beswick Director
Ms Carol Annette Bates Director
Mr John Ernest Beatson Director
Dr Anne Victoria Harrison Director
Baroness Heather Renwick Brigstocke Director
Mrs Kimberley Ann Reid Director
Mrs Rosemary Potter Director
Mr David Frederick St John Jesson Director
Ms Lesley King Director
Mr Graham John Lane Director
Mr Jack Mawdsley Director
Mr Jeffrey Bernard Dawkins Director
Sir John Ernest Dunford Director
Mr David Chetwode Samworth Director
Lady Chisholm Director
Mr Geoffrey Norman Leigh Director
Mr Guy Howard Weston Director
Mr Christopher Anthony Woodhead Director
Mr Owen Patrick Lynch Director
Mr John Alfred Barnes Director
Professor Gilbert Jessup Director
Dr Nicholas Anthony Dermot Carey Director
Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites Director
Mr Glenn Peter Mayoh Director
Dr Ellen Isler Director
Mr Anthony Richard Bull Director
Mr Brian Thomas Edward Boyle Director
Lady Pauline Norma Harris Director
Mr Ronald Critchley Kenyon Director
Mr John Arthur Townsley Director
Mr Andrew Malcolm Breckon Director
Dame Mary Richardson Director
Mr Christopher Ingram Bostock Director
Mr Ronald Dennis Neale Somerville Director
Mr Michael John Hatch Director
Councillor Paul Clein Director
Mr Garfield Howard Weston Director
Professor Charles Randolph Quirk Director
Ms Alison Lindsay King Director
Mr Andrew Hewett Company Secretary
Mrs Jane Elizabeth Ware Company Secretary
Dr Leighton Williams Greenham Director
Mr Ian Anderson Smith Director
Mr Michael John Wood Director
Mr Richard Parker Director
Mr Robert Rogers Director
Councillor Roy Pinney Director
Dr William Patrick Cavendish Director
Mr William Nicholas Fleming Director
Mr Colin William Hamilton Kerr Director
Mr Colin William Hamilton Kerr Company Secretary
Professor Stephen Colin Grigg Director
Sir Peter Vardy Director
Dr Elizabeth Mary Sidwell Director
Mr Andrew Phillip Harris Director
Mr James Stephen O'Neill Director
Mr Michael Charles Terrell Prideaux Director
Sir David Michael Hart Director
Mr Peter Anthony Smith Director
Dr Christopher William Gerry Director
Dame Wendy Patricia Davies Director
Mr Edward James Dolman Director
Mr Richard Eric Painter Director
Ms Heather Le Mercier Du Quesnay Director
Ms Mary Jo Jacobi Director
Lord David Ivor Young-Of-Graffham Director
Lord Robert George Alexander Lingfield Director
Mr Alban Francis Xavier Green Director
Mr Colin Wright Director
Mr David Grigg Director
Sir Kevin Joseph Satchwell Director
Ms Melanie Hunt Director
Mr Jonathan Crossley-Holland Director
Rev Canon Gerald Greenwood Director
Ms Kathryn Heaps Director
Mr Henry Alexander Ball Director
Mr John Ernest Sellars Director
Mr Steven Richard Bowler Director
Sir Leslie Geoffrey Hampton Director
Mr Lyndon Hugh Jones Director
Professor Malcolm George William Gillies Director
Mr Peter Alexander Harris Director
Mr Stephen Maddern Director
Ms Angela Elizabeth Entwistle Director
Dr Robin Douglas Clarke Director
Ms Christine Mary Keates Director
Mr Hugh Welby Guinness De Capell Brooke Director
Ms Delia Anne Elizabeth Smith Director
Mr David Graham Lendon Company Secretary
Mr David Graham Lendon Director
Mr James Ian Mearns Director
Mr John Deacon Director
Mr Charles Herbert Parker Director
Dame Enid Bibby Director
Mr Donald Naismith Director
Mr Mark Grundy Director
Mr Hommy Khosrowpanah Director
Mr Peter James Ogden Director
Mr Jeremy White Director
Mr Arthur Matthew Gerald Andrews Director
Councillor Geoffrey Wright Director
Mr Tom Alexander Bruce Milne Company Secretary
Mr James McNicholas Company Secretary
Mr John Harmer Pattisson Director
Mr Michael Norman Zarraga Director
Mr Anthony John Collins Director
Dr Anthony Francis Seldon Director
Mr Stephen Whiteley Director
Lord White Of Hull Vincent Gordon Lindsay White Director
Mr Anthony Hubert Male Director
Mr Timothy Dewe Phillips Director
Sir Harry Arieh Simon Djanogly Director
Mr Clive Francis Andrews Company Secretary
Mrs Julie Chakraverty Director
Councillor Suzanne Margaret Nolan Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Deed Of Charge Over Credit Balances Barclays Bank PLC SATISFIED
Rent Deposit Deed Vickers Engineering PLC OUTSTANDING
Rent Deposit Deed Tst Millbank,l.l.c. OUTSTANDING
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Key Financials

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Net Worth
Total Current Liabilities
Total Current Assets
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