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UK Flag 2nd Floor Monmouth House, 38-40 Artillery Lane, London, London, E1 7LS

CARE ENGLAND Credit Report

Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using Limited

Active - Accounts Filed

09 December 1986

94110 Activities of business and employers membership organizations - To ensure that social health care in the independent sector can be promoted and protected. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. T/O = Total incoming resources.

Available to 31 Dec 2018. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Michael John Gallagher Director
Mr Graham Nicholas Elliott Director
Mr Kenneth Adrian Raymond Wilson Director
Dr Magdy Adib Ishak Hanna Director
Mr Alan Michael Dexter Director
Mrs Christina Anne Sell Director
Mr William John Alexander Director
Mr James Paul Flaherty Director
Mrs Jennifer Ann Carney Director
Ms Patricia McCann Director
Ms Helena Barbara Little Director
Colonel David Wilmin Eking Director
Ms Caroline Helen Rose Director
Mr Alan John Templer Pilgrim Director
Mr Anthony George Heywood Director
Miss Carolynne Miller Director
Dr Mervyn John Suffield Director
Mr Michael Dennis Parsons Director
Mr Stephen Carl Taylor Director
Mr Robert Arthur Jones Director
Mr Christopher Quentin Mountjoy Director
Mr Michael John Smith Director
Mr Lee Reed Director
Mr Nigel Robert Harris Director
Mr Harry Sharp Director
Ms Charlotte Jane Espie Director
Mr Leon Adrian Smith Director
Miss Jennifer Priestley Director
Mr David Brown Director
Mr Anthony Joyce Director
Mrs Barbara May Laing Director
Mr Kevin Wei Roberts Director
Mr John Jackson Director
Mr Colin Legg Director
Mr Paul Arnold Nicholson Director
Mr David Terence Ervine Director
Mr Andrew John Cannon Director
Mr John Robert Greenwood Director
Mr Timothy James Elsigood Director
Mr Peter Campbell Ludford Director
Ms Amanda Rachel Scott Director
Dr Simon Albert Philip Jenkins Director
Ms Serena Jane Stewart Director
Mrs Elaine Ann Farrall Director
Mr Malcolm Paul Miller Director
Mr Mark Stephen Wilson Director
Ms June Warburton Director
Mr Frank Edward Paul Ware Director
Mr Charles Cormack Director
Mr Robert Newman Director
Dr Peter Calveley Director
Mrs Bhavna Jones Director
Mr David Gregor Duncan Director
Mr Nigel Grant Smith Director
Mr John Mcmurdo Wotherspoon Director
Mr Peter Edmund Charles Farrier Director
Mr David Anthony Wakefield Director
Mr Anthony Alistair Mark Hosking Director
Mr Hugh Maurice Hedderly Director
Mr Michael Francis John Coleby Director
Mr Kenneth Anthony Nolan Director
Mr David Greig Henderson Director
Mr Paul Charles Mancey Director
Mr Adrian Bagg Director
Mr Mark Charles Greaves Director
Ms Rosemary Blenkinsopp Director
Mr Frank Richardson Director
Mr Graham Vincent Jones Director
Mr Gerhardt Ulrich Florschutz Director
Mr Neil Barry Taylor Director
Mr Guy Geller Director
Mrs Helen Anne Meredith Director
Ms Allison Cowley Smith Director
Mr Brian Thomas House Director
Mr Bohdan Dmytro Cybyk Director
Rear Admiral John Patrick Bruce O'Riordan Director
Mr John Brian McAllister Director
Mr Christopher Leworthy Director
Mr Philip Henry Scott Director
Mr Hamilton Douglas Anstead Director
Mr Charles Cairns Auld Director
Mr Vernon John Beauchamp Director
Mr Marie Jean Alain Leong-Son Director
Ms Marion Elizabeth Pickersgill Director
Mr Anthony Michael Davies Director
Mr Roger John Davies Director
Mr Thomas Banks Hamilton Director
Mr Christopher Paul Vellenoweth Director
Mr Douglas John Quinn Director
Mr Michael Jeffrey Harris Director
Mr Philip John Edgington Director
Ms Jane Rachel Ashcroft Director
Mr William Colvin Director
Mr Paul James Allen Director
Mr Douglas Umbers Director
Mr Bernard Keith Chadwick Director
Ms Gabriella Wills Director
Mr Michael John Barwick Director
Mr Kenneth Nigel Spencer Director
Sir John Richard Brigstoke Director
Mr Simon Richard Lloyd Whalley Director
Mrs Margaret Cudmore Director
Ms Suzanne Rachel Entwistle Director
Mr Brian Meyrick Neville Clarke Director
Mr Neil Andrew Matthewman Director
Mr Michael Andrew Padgham Director
Mr Simon William Beckett Director
Mr Austin Ian Heraty Director
Mrs Patricia Lesley Platten Director
Ms Susan Caroline Ellen Director
Mr David Mobibs Director
Mr David Andrew Spruzen Director
Mr Ian Richard Smith Director
Mr Toby James Bailey Siddall Director
Ms Barbara Ann Maxwell Director
Mr Steven John Woolgar Director
Mr John Barrie Randle Director
Mr Jonathan William Welfare Director
Dr Alison Jane Rose-Quirie Director
Mr Paul Andrew Renshaw Director
Mr Michael Paul Leyland Director
Mr Robert Stuart Twaddell Director
Mr John Kausch Director
Mr John Newell Director
Mr Trevor George Purt Director
Mr Niels Peter Vernegaard Director
Ms Diella Natasha Singarayer Director
Mrs Kamma Foulkes Director
Mr Michael Allen Hartlebury Director
Mr Andrew Ronald Knight Director
Mr Albert Edward Smith Director
Mr Derek Guy Chappell Director
Mr Chaitanya Bhupendra Patel Director
Mr Ian Ashley Richardson Director
Miss Anthea Joy Burdess Director
Mr Robert Ian Burns Director
Mr Eric Rodney Hemming Director
Mr Edward Nicholas William Brown Company Secretary
Mr Kenneth James Hesketh Director
Mrs Clare Margaret Hollingsworth Director
Mr Laird William MacKay Director
Mr Neil Andrew Matthewman Director
Mrs Jane Rachel Ashcroft Director
Mr Barry Jay Sweetbaum Director
Mr Daniel Andrew Casson Director
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £1,158,030.00 £1,171,876.00 £1,405,467.00 £1,618,081.00 £1,693,701.00
Net Worth £837,601.00 £995,694.00 £1,076,304.00 £1,308,604.00 £1,401,086.00
Total Current Liabilities £422,576.00 £363,122.00 £595,363.00 £568,753.00 £599,594.00
Total Current Assets £1,259,391.00 £1,359,285.00 £1,694,153.00 £1,876,988.00 £1,999,486.00
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