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UK Flag Somerset House South Wing Strand, London, WC2R 1LA


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Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

28 August 1986

96090 Other service activities n.e.c. - To encourage, promote, develop, and support the fashion industry of the United Kingdom. Limited by guarantee. T/O = Total Income.

Available to 31 Mar 2019. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Ms Marie O Riordan Director
Jan Marchant Director
Mr Wayne Andrew Hemingway Director
Mr John Robert Wilson Company Secretary
Mr John Robert Wilson Director
Ms Anne Tyrrell Director
Ms Louise Frances Chunn Director
Ms Mary Elizabeth Homer Director
Ms Marie O'Riordan Director
Ms Justine Beach Director
Miss Lucy Margaret Yeomans Director
Kim Winser Director
Mr Alistair Jon Burroughs Director
Ms Betty Jackson Director
Mr David John Riddiford Director
Ms Elizabeth Ann Bradley Director
Mr Jamie Timothy Bill Director
Mr Stephen Anthony Newbold Director
Mr Peter Baskerville Clifton-Gould Director
Basola Valles Director
Mr Cyril Kern Director
Ms Ann Gordon Dugdale Director
Mr Barry Simon Morris Director
Mr Gerald Edmund Saunders Director
Ms Yasmin Yusuf Director
Ms Wendy Ann Dagworthy Director
Mr Nicholas Coleridge Director
Mr Achilleas Constantinou Director
Mr Victor Edelston Director
Ms Angela Jane Quaintrell Director
Mr Ralph Halpern Director
Mr Brian Leslie Godbold Director
Ms Janet Drath Director
Mrs Sylvia Gillian Bailey Director
Inacio Ribeiro Director
Ms Rosalind Bernice Eisen Director
Mr Martin John McNamee Director
Mr Richard John Maney Director
Ms Louise Walker Director
Mr David Rolf Suddens Director
Mr Harold Peter Tillman Director
Mr Stephen Quinn Director
Mr Mike Shearwood Director
Mr Joseph Ettedgui Director
Ms Gail Josephine Sackloff Director
Ms Felicity Howard Allen Director
Ms Sally Belinda Smith Director
Mrs June Elizabeth Barker Director
Mr Maurice Mullen Director
Ms Claire Wilcox Director
Mr Peter Lucas Director
Ms Erin Mullaney Director
Mr John Lee Hoerner Director
Ms Rita Lewis Company Secretary
Ms Rita Lewis Director
Yeda Yun Director
Mr Gavin Macdonald Brown Director
Ms Anne Pitcher Director
Ms Stephanie Madeleine Chen Director
Ms Penelope Frances Kate Martin Director
Mr Andrew Keith Wiles Director
Dow Famulak Director
Mrs June Elizabeth Lawlor Director
Mr Arthur James Winterbotham Lewis Director
Mr Simon Richard Ellis Berwin Director
Mr Stephen Richard Sunnucks Director
Ms Lisa Armstrong Director
Mr Emanuel Silverman Director
Ms Hilary Anne Alexander Director
Ms Deborah Schofield Director
Mr John Egan Director
Ms Hilary Susan Riva Company Secretary
Ms Hilary Susan Riva Director
Mr Clinton Vita Silver Director
Mr Joseph Stefan Velosa Director
Ms Alison Lloyd Director
Mr Michael Fielding Terry Director
Mr Iain Boyd Melville Director
Mr Barry Raymond Hancock Director
Ms Tania Littlehales Director
Mr Stuart Alan Ransom Rose Director
Ms Catherine Susan Sturgess Director
Ms Alexandra Shulman Director
Ms Julia Reynolds Director
Mr Terence Gordon Mansfield Director
Mrs Alison Patricia Dow Director
Ms Jenifer Bernice Rosenberg Director
Ms Karen Peacock Director
Ms Tanya Sarne Director
Mrs Julie Louise Harris Director
Ms Lynne Franks Director
Mr Stuart Alan Ransom Rose Director
Ms Annette Pamela Worsley-Taylor Director
Ms Jane Hayman Director
Mr Christopher Inman Director
Mr Neil David Gillon Director
Mr Anthony Charles Harris Director
Ms Anna Harvey Director
Ms Tess MacLeod Smith Director
Mr Simon Robert Ward Director
Mr Philip Oliver Wrigley Director
Mr Peter Neil Osborne Director
Mr Terence David Hennessey Director
Mr Paul Anthony Keenan Director
Mr Andrew Fionda Director
Mr Peter Gordon Phillips Director
Ms Susan Mahy Director
Mr Gordon Ivan Fields Director
Mr Simon Ward Company Secretary
Ms Maria Gaynor McKee Director
Ms Jane Elizabeth Shepherdson Director
Mr David Anthony Elliott Director
Mr Peter Michael Wiegand Director
Mrs Barbara Grace Horspool Director
Mr Martin Victor Lent Director
Mr Ian Christie Director
Ms Juliet Warkentin Director
Mr Seamus Geoghegan Director
Dame Natalie Sara Massenet Director
Mr Jose Manuel Ferreira Neves Director
Mrs Laura Maria Strain Company Secretary
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £1,747,315.00 £1,955,552.00 £1,831,369.00 £5,780,618.00 £5,119,877.00
Net Worth £1,974,596.00 £2,353,760.00 £2,457,823.00 £4,891,449.00 £5,750,598.00
Total Current Liabilities £2,226,727.00 £1,764,869.00 £1,445,930.00 £2,367,195.00 £2,102,070.00
Total Current Assets £4,146,710.00 £4,079,317.00 £3,879,462.00 £7,179,700.00 £7,795,225.00
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