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UK Flag 33 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 5SB


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Private limited with Share Capital

Company is dissolved

07 July 1972

64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified - A group engaged in the provision of settlement and related services for domestic and international securities transactions, converting bonds, equities, investment funds and derivatives. Accounts data converted from Euro.

Available to 31 Dec 2017. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Peter Thomas Johnston Director
Mr Tsutomu Hattori Director
Mr Yasufumi Imaki Director
Mr Sabah Zubaida Director
Mr Akihiro Kanayasu Director
Rijnhard Willem Ferdinand Van Tets Director
Jean Jacques Verdickt Director
Mr Roger Alexander Liddell Director
Ms Mary Margaret Fenoglio Director
Mr Michael Arthur Miller Keehner Director
Mr Albert Edmund Petersen Director
Mr Joerg Fischer Director
Mr Mark Alexander Director
Mr Mathias Erich Herrmann Hlubek Director
Mr Frank Bisignano Director
Mrs Susan Anne Concannon Director
Mr Christian Schaack Director
Mr William Gordon Brogan Higgins Director
Thierry Coste Director
Mr Masashi Kurabe Director
Mr Frank Decongelio Director
Mr Akira Watanabe Director
Mr Charles Francis Winters Director
Mr Marshall Nichols Carter Director
Ms Naomi Harada Director
Mr Joseph Cesidio Antonellis Director
Mr Steven Spiegel Director
Mr John Stephen Gubert Director
Mr Philippe Jean Loisel Director
Mr Alain Papiasse Director
Mr Hiroaki Harada Director
Mr Jacques Philippe Marson Director
Mr Bruce Richard Lakefield Director
Jean Francois Theodore Director
Mr Masato Kawamura Director
Mr Robert Charles Michael Wigley Director
Mr Bjorn Ake Flismark Director
Mr Erik Edward Sidonius Dralans Director
Mr Peter Gerald Stuart-William Director
Mr Mark Felix Simon Bayot Director
Theodoor Marie Theresia Adriaansens Director
Mr Rolf A Son Hallberg Director
Mr Ernst Balsiger Director
Mr Walter Staub Director
Mr Stefan Imboden Director
Mr Claude Zwick Director
Jean Malochet Director
Mr Thomas H Fox Director
Mrs Charlotte Mary Black Director
Sir Nigel Leonard Wicks Director
Mr Stephen James Tomkinson Director
Ms Isabelle Hennebelle Director
Mr Ian Sydney Steers Director
Mr Hidetoshi Kikuchi Director
Mr Toru Horie Director
Mr Peter Robert Sherratt Director
Mr Pierre Joseph (Peter) Gerard Director
Mr Peter Thomas Johnston Director
Mr Dante A Montalbetti Director
Mr John Norman Abell Director
Mr Philippe Miecret Director
Mr Richard Christopher Sydney Evans Director
Mr Raymond Kirsch Director
Mr Francisco De Borja Martin Director
Mr John Ashley Stewart Director
Mr Yasushi Watanabe Director
Yannick Chagnon Director
Mr Thomas Joseph Perna Director
Mr John David Crammond Director
Mr Arthur Thomas Director
Hermann-Josef Lamberti Director
Mr Gary Clifford Bullock Director
Mr Neil Thomas Henderson Director
Lionello Falconi Company Secretary
Mr Timothy John Howell Director
Mr Andrew Winckler Director
Mr Eddy Omer Laurent Therese Wymeersch Director
Mr John Devine Director
Mr Timothy Francis Keaney Director
Juntaro Fujii Director
Mr George Harold Jackson Company Secretary
Mr Nobuo Oya Director
Mr Martin Slumbers Director
Mr John Thomas McGowan Director
Mr Alain Closier Director
Mr Vivien Joseph Levy-Garboua Director
Dr Timothy May Director
Mr Simon Mark Haslam Director
Mr Arie Christian Tupker Director
Mr Drew Arthur Douglas Director
Mr Herschel Post Director
Hansgeorg Bogislaw Hofmann Director
Mr Georges Ugeux Director
Mr Neil Martin Director
Corneille Joseph Bruck Director
Dame Clara Hedwig Frances Furse Director
Mr Charles Henri Filippi Director
Mr Anthony Orsatelli Director
Mr Michael Ellmore Patterson Director
Mr Jim Kujtim Beqaj Director
Mr Stephen Arthur James Davies Director
Mr Mitchel Andrew Lenson Director
Mr Paul Anne Bodart Director
Mr David Richardson Nicol Director
Mr Tom Ruud Director
Jean Jacques Delaporte Director
Mr Jacques De Saussure Director
Jean Jacques Verdickt Director
Mr Xiaochi Liu Director
Mr Takahiro Moriguchi Director
Michel Berthezene Director
Mr Junichi Ishii Director
Mr Michael Andrew Threadgold Director
Hanspeter Bruderli Director
Mr Richard Michael James Orgill Director
Mr John Marcus Schofield Director
Mr Michael Richard Cowan Director
Godelieve Rachel Lucie Mostrey Director
Dr Rolf-Ernst Breuer Director
Mr Louis Desire Jean Isidore Charles De Bievre Director
Mr Satvinder Singh Director
Mr Thomas William David Isaac Director
Mr Cian David Burke Director
Ms Clare Eleanor Woodman Director
Mr Tsutomu Suzuki Director
Mr Anthony Martin Carey Director
TRUSEC LIMITED Company Secretary
Sir Andrew Mcleod Brooks Large Director
Prof Eilis Veronica Ferran Director
Mr Andrew James Murray Director
Mr Mark Stephen Garvin Director
Mr Harold Herman Charles Finders Director
Francis La Salla Director
Ms Xiaomei Fan Director
Ms Hester Christina Serafini Director
Mr Patrick Colle Director
Mr Sota Suzuki Director
Mr Bruno Yves Jacki Prigent Director
Mrs Ingeborg Johanna Dagny Laurent Boets Director
Mr Katsunori Obata Director
Mrs Catherine Elisabeth Langlais Director
Mr Francois Jean Marion Director
Mrs Godelieve Rachel Lucia Mostrey Director
Mr Andries Petrus Cronje Director
Mr Oliver Jason Stuart Director
Mr Franco Passacantando Director
Mr Andrew Keith Butcher Director
Mr David Kenneth Watson Director
Mr Koenraad Mathieu Karel Geebels Company Secretary
Mr Andrew James Murray Director
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £2,859,686,552.82 £1,874,367,137.75 £2,960,758,644.71 £4,942,746,713.40 £3,140,014,022.78
Net Worth £1,690,354,846.00 £1,793,795,620.00 £2,176,872,224.00 £2,244,120,070.00 £2,330,063,103.00
Total Current Liabilities £12,651,170,252.00 £17,629,678,521.00 £16,104,177,336.00 £16,883,067,484.00 £16,048,765,118.00
Total Current Assets £12,911,831,152.00 £16,322,854,480.00 £15,944,600,644.00 £16,444,546,888.00 £13,504,941,279.00
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