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UK Flag 41 Coram Campus, Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AZ


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Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

05 January 1962

85200 Primary education - Primary education

Available to 18 Jan 2024. Next accounts due by 30 Apr 2025

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr John James Sills Director
Ms Lorna Gibb Director
Mrs Donna Patricia Neely-Hayes Director
Mr Andrew Martin Baddeley Director
Miss Mina Karshala Director
Ms Sabreen Samia Ahsan Director
Mr Carl Stuart Reader Director
Mr Simon David Lewis Director
Mr Wayne Bulpitt Director
Mr Graham Brian Farhall Director
Mr Christopher Paul Slater Director
Mr Sajaad Jetha Director
Mr Rajiv Sharma Director
Mr Timothy Jason Stanbury Company Secretary
Mr Ian Anderson Smith Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Johaan Leslie Roy Wiggins
Alicia Navarro
Elizabeth Kitcatt
Helen Mary Nixseaman
Alan Williams
Elizabeth Margaret Crossley
Otto Thoresen
Susan Tangier Lewis
David William Walter
Jaswinder Singh Rayet
James William Froomberg
Vivien Pell
Sheena Amin
Jared Barclay Fox
Meryl White
Martin John Warren
Christopher James Braithwaite
Connor Sephton
John Colin Leslie Cox
Judith Mary Felton
Ian Anderson Smith
Jeremy Mark McDonald
Alan Peter Pascoe
Raymond Alan Faulkner
Mary Elizabeth Marsh
David John Horner
Timothy Edward Douglas Allan
Kevin John Dundas
Grey Denham
Miles Howard Templeman
Charles Frederick Middleton
Clive Mark Hyman
Charles Buckland Cockell
Charlie Cornish
John Grenville Bernard Watson
Adriaan Roelof Vickery
Michael Francis Geoghegan
Stephen John Doig
Geoffrey David Bell
Anthony Hungerford Hillary
Philip Patrick Smith
Alan John Moody
Susan Elizabeth Fowler
David Michael Shelley
John Joseph Burke
Brian George Gillies
Sukhvinder Kaur Stubbs
Derek Kerr Walmsley
Beverly Jayne Brown
Michael Gerald Keohane
Arthur Graham Paterson Wright
Ayotola Jagun
Philip Sims
Trevor Toolan
Christiaan Richard David Van Der Kuyl
Noel Rees Hufton
Robert Ian Meakin
William Robert Patrick Dalton
Denyse Alison Maureen Corfield
Maureen Patricia Nolan
David Neil Makin
Elaine Rowe
John Edward Roberts
Edward Elworthy
William Henry Salomon
Helen Marjorie Surplice
John Dickens Holloway
Keith Roderick Whitson
David Hall
Timothy Andrew Lepel Glass
Eric Weatherall
Kenneth Edward O'Neill
James Kennedy Jamison
Michael Arthur Hamilton
Geoffrey Dale
Henry Dunn Williams
Caroline Jan Russel Rennie
Alan John George
Stephen Colin Grigg
Ashley Beverley Cyril De Silva
Brian McCafferty
Michael Thomas Siddens
Christine Elizabeth Street
Derek Richard Southion
Richard Anthony Pring
Colin John Rye
Timothy Richard Prideaux
Christopher Masters
Jolyon Peter Warren
Fabian Charles Monds
Brian Gerald Pearse
Howard Le Roy
John Simpson
Trevor Toolan
Graham Burley Parker
Robert Alfred Tilley
Michael William Dagnall
Peter Anthony Thompson
Richard George Osmond
John Farrow
Yvonne Pennicott
Jeremy White
Christopher McMahon
John Edwin Moorhouse
Robert John Banister
James Henry Crowe
Colin Sydney George
Brian Gordon Wolfson
Betty Grantchester
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £1,035,000.00 £1,188,000.00 £2,709,000.00 £844,000.00 £2,758,000.00
Net Worth £1,089,000.00 £968,000.00 £1,908,000.00 £2,151,000.00 £2,362,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £442,000.00 £463,000.00 £1,136,000.00 £1,055,000.00 £810,000.00
Total Current Assets £1,531,000.00 £1,431,000.00 £3,094,000.00 £3,217,000.00 £3,179,000.00
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