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UK Flag 8, Canada Square, London, London, E14 5HQ


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Public limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

01 January 1959

70100 Activities of head offices - Activities of head offices

Available to 17 May 2023. Next accounts due by 30 Jun 2024

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Ms Swee Lian Teo Director
Mr Brendan Robert Nelson Director
Ms Ann Frances Godbehere Director
Mrs Kalpana Jaisingh Morparia Director
Mr Georges Bahjat Elhedery Director
Mrs. Hannah Claire Ashdown Company Secretary
Mrs Geraldine Joyce Buckingham Director
Ms Rachel Duan Director
Dame Carolyn Julie Fairbairn Director
Ms Eileen K Murray Director
Mr James Anthony Forese Director
Mr Steven Craig Guggenheimer Director
Mrs. Aileen Norma Taylor Company Secretary
Mr Noel Paul Quinn Director
Dr Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena Director
Mr Mark Edward Tucker Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Richard John Harrison Gray
Ewen James Stevenson
John Michael Flint
Jackson Peter Tai
David Thomas Nish
Henri Reni Marie Augustin De La Croix De Castries
Paul Steven Walsh
Pauline Francoise Marie Van Der Meer Mohr
Irene Yun Lien Lee
Phillip David Ameen
Heidi Miller
Jonathan Richard Symonds
Kathleen Louise Casey
Menasey Marc Moses
Jonathan Douglas Evans
Benedict John Spurway Mathews
James Brien Comey
Renato Fassbind
Joachim Faber
John Phillip Lipsky
Laura May-Lung Cha
Iain James MacKay
Marvin Kin Tung Cheung
Janis Rachel Lomax
John Lawson Thornton
Stuart Thomson Gulliver
Narayana Murthy
Safra Ada Catz
Alexander Andrew Flockhart
Vincent Hoi Chuen Cheng
Jose Luis Duran
William Samuel Hugh Laidlaw
Jose Francisco Gil Diaz
Gwyn Morgan
Simon Manwaring Robertson
John David Coombe
James Wyndham John Hughes-Hallett
Rona Alison Fairhead
Michael Francis Geoghegan
William Frederick Aldinger
Carole Sandra Taylor
Stewart Worth Newton
Robert Brian Williamson
Mark Moody Stuart
Sharon Hintze
Charles Francis Wiener De Croisset
John Kemp Welch
Alan Wayne Jebson
David Gordon Eldon
William Kwok Lun Fung
Kuo Fung Raymond Ch'Ien
Frederick Edward Robin Butler
William Robert Patrick Dalton
Brian Scott Moffat
Stephen Keith Green
Charles Miller Smith
Carl Edwin Reichardt
Douglas Jardine Flint
Adrian Christopher Swire
Keith Roderick Whitson
Colin Marsh Marshall
Geoffrey Maitland Smith
Richard Delbridge
Peter Ingram Walters
Minoru Murofushi
Brian Gerald Pearse
William Purves
Brian Lees Goldthorpe
Donald Poon-Huai Liao
Charles Wilfrid Newton
Bernard Harry Asher
Ralph Gordon Barber
Charles Dorsey MacKay
Denys Eamonn Connolly
Lydia Selina Dunn
Joseph Edward Hotung
Northrup Rand Knox
Hon Chiu Lee
Helmut Sohmen
John Estmond Strickland
John Joseph Swaine
John Reginald Hartnell Bond
John Malcolm Gray
Nigel Mervyn Sutherland Rich
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £110,314,983,177.00 £233,354,537,093.00 £323,709,236,947.00 £262,652,208,835.00 £224,386,000,000.00
Net Worth £117,253,919,393.00 £134,886,572,655.00 £142,673,092,369.00 £133,464,257,028.00 £135,669,000,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £1,800,924,189,276.00 £2,123,833,537,706.00 £2,203,393,574,297.00 £2,220,873,092,369.00 £1,631,400,000,000.00
Total Current Assets £1,608,053,547,140.00 £1,891,164,163,090.00 £1,996,344,578,313.00 £2,016,800,803,212.00 £1,298,008,000,000.00
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