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UK Flag 2, Lambs Passage, London, London, EC1Y 8BB


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

13 July 1954

82990 Other business support service activities n.e.c. - Other business support service activities n.e.c.

Available to 19 Dec 2023. Next accounts due by 31 Jan 2025

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Current Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr Gareth Alan Miles Director
Claire Nicola Rebecca Jeffs Director
Mr Richard James Smith Director
Ms Deborah Finkler Director
Ms Jill Hoseason Director
Miss Sally Victoria Kate Wokes Director
TRUSEC LIMITED Company Secretary
Ms Sarah Tien Mee Lee Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Holly Elisabeth Ware
Caroline Louise Phillips
Natalie Yeung
Paul Howard Stacey
Robert Adam Byk
Ewan Cunningham Brown
David Andrew Wittmann
Sara Jayne Luder
Robin Rathmell Ogle
Deborah Leigh Finkler
Andy Gareth Ryde
Matthew James Tobin
Robert Andrew Sumroy
Philippe Paul Chappatte
Charles Scott Cameron
Jeffrey Cooper Twentyman
Andrew James McClean
Simon Robert Nicholls
Rebecca Louise Cousin
Ben James Kingsley
Isabel Amelia Mason Taylor
Sarah Francesca Louise Cardell
Guy Edward O Keefe
Mark Daniel Zerdin
Timothy Michael Pharaoh
Robert Adam Byk
Gareth Alan Miles
Sandeep Maudgil
John Silvanus Nevin
Jeanette Marie Zaman
Ewan Cunningham Brown
Jane Elizabeth Edwarde
Andrew David Jolly
John Andrew Papanichola
Robert Alexander Chaplin
David Glynn Watkins
Matthew James Tobin
Mark James Dwyer
Benita Ka Po Yu
Jonathan Charles Cotton
William Nicholas Christian Watson
Roland John Turnill
Gavin Paul Brown
Hywel Lloyd Davies
Jan Christopher Putnis
Roland Doughty
Sarah Louise Paterson
Efstathios Michael
Philip Charles Snell
Miranda Sau Ting Leung
Michael Stanley Rowe
David John Bicknell
Cathy Amanda Connolly
Bertrand Jean Philippe Francois Louveaux
Charles Scott Cameron
Padraig Joseph Cronin
Elizabeth Jane Dilwihs Holden
Anthony Craig Cleaver
David Charles Richard Waterfield
Susie Middlemiss
Pierre Pascal Felix Bruneau
Katherine Mary Hughes
Graham Iversen
Richard Andrew Swallow
David Richard Johnson
Richard Evan Levitt
Helen Katherine Griffiths
Gary Nigel Eaborn
Charles Graham Earles
Sarah Tien Mee Lee
Andrew James McClean
Jeffrey Cooper Twentyman
Timothy Sean Boxell
Sanjev Dilip Warna Kula Suriya
Jonathan Andrew David Marks
Eleanor Jane Zuercher
Marc Sandford Hutchinson
Kathryn Ruth Davis
Nicholas David Forbes Gray
Stephen Robert Bradley Powell
Andrew Gareth Ryde
Steven Russell Galbraith
Jonathan Mark Fenn
Andrew Charles Johnson
Edward Frank Keeble
Alan Neil Hyman
Peter Hubert Wilhelm Brien
Anthony Beare
Nigel James Swycher
Laura Martine Carstensen
Nilufer Kheraj
John Drummond Boyce
Martin Edward Michael Hattrell
Kenneth Ian Hodgson
Evelyn Gladys Lucy Wylde
William James Sibree
Richard Donald De Carle
Simon Hall
Jeffrey Robert Triggs
Robert Charles Stern
Robert Arthur Reeve
Mark Douglas Bennett
Antoine-Audoin Octave Maggiar
William Simon Melland Robinson
Graham John Airs
Nicholas Jeremy Archer
Brian Leslie Banks
Andrew Gordon Balfour
George Patrick Balfour
Elizabeth Ann Barrett
David John Beales
Philip Frederick John Bennett
Nigel Patrick Gray Boardman
Michael Stephen Evans Carpenter
Richard Vladimir Carson
Graham Derek Child
Timothy Nicholas Clark
Richard Devereux Burcombe Cooper
Richard James Nigel Cripps
James Milton Featherby
Geoffrey Peter John Finn
Christopher Francis Fitzgerald
Ruth Margaret Fox
David Thomas Frank
Ian William Goldie
Richard Michael George Goulding
Richard Neil Smith Grandison
Christopher John Hickson
Melvyn Hughes
George Bruton Inglis
Patrick Thomas Jennings
Peter James Langley
Francis Webb Neate
Howard Malcolm Nowlan
Timothy John Barry Pallister
Charles David Randell
Martin Read
George Frederick Renwick
Martin John Dickin Roberts
Peter James Robson
John David Beaumont Rowe
Jonathan Edwin Fletcher Rushworth
Richard Slater
Christopher Raphael Smith
Simon Roderick Ward
Oliver Anthony Wareham
Robert Arthur Mills Welsford
Graham Peter White
Christopher John Saunders
James Howard Savory
Thomas Anthony Kinnersley
Richard Jeffrey Clark
Stephen John Cooke
Fiona Margaret Ferguson
Deborah Leigh Finkler
Martin Anthony Whelton
Peter Louis Robert Deckers
Thomas George Mclean Buckley
Glen William James
Stephen Martin Edge
Edward Anthony Codrington
Janine Susan Edge
Peter Anthony Schofield Grindrod
Alan Richard Finden Hall
Peter Jolliffe
Peter John Louis Kett
Paul Martin Olney
George Edward Spencer Seligman
Richard John Thornhill
Malcolm Gervase Charles Nicholson
Clive Joseph Vermelles Robson
Steven Leonard Edwards
St John Andrew Flaherty
Simon John Phillips
Charles Mark Horton
Michael Pescod
Anthony John Raymond Newhouse
Richard Charles Harvey
Christopher William Youard Underhill
Adrian Michael Harwood Smart
Francis Michael Mitchell
Charles William Harvey Kelly
John Harry MacAskill
Giles Mark Ridley
Timothy George Freshwater
Frances Mary Murphy
John Hine
Giles Ian Henderson
Colin Hall
Rupert Roger Seymour Beaumont
Howard Robert Jacobs
Jonathan Stopford Haw
Christopher Francis Irving Saul
Joseph Dermot Rice
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Mortgages and Charges

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Key Financials

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Net Worth £14,427.00 £6,677.00 £5,927.00 £6,177.00 £7,677.00
Total Current Liabilities £58,557.00 £15,807.00 £15,807.00 £15,807.00 £15,807.00
Total Current Assets £72,983.00 £22,483.00 £21,733.00 £21,983.00 £23,483.00
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