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UK Flag Asda House, South Bank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

19 February 1949

47190 Other retail sale in non-specialised stores - The retail of Food, clothing, general merchandise,fuel and services.

Available to 31 Dec 2018. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR PHILIP TITCHMARSH Company Secretary -
Mr Keith Shingler Director
Mr Michael John Russell Director
Mr Michael Andrew Coupe Director
Mr Ian McLeod Director
Mr Andrew James Clarke Director
Mr Philip Robert Cox Director
Mr Philip Robert Cox Company Secretary
Mr Andrew Murray Director
Mr David Downie Director
Mr Maurice Gordon McBeath Director
Mr Jonathan Gaunt Fox Director
Mr Mark Ibbotson Director
Mr Darren Blackhurst Director
Mr Andrew Jeffrey Moore Director
Mr Anthony Joseph Thompson Director
Mr David Cheesewright Director
Mr Barry Paul Inman Williams Director
Mr Ronald David Scott Director
Mr Mark Blundell Director
Mr Archibald John Norman Director
Mrs Judith Jane McKenna Director
Mr Anthony Robert Page Director
Mr Neil Braithwaite Company Secretary
Mr James Ballingall Director
Mr Nicholas Ian Cooper Company Secretary
Ms Dana Elizabeth Armstrong Director
Mr Allan Leslie Leighton Director
Mr Lawrence Frederick Boyle Director
Mr James Richard Harker Director
Mr John Duggan Director
Ms Karen Rachael Hubbard Director
Mr David Cheesewright Director
Mr Andrew James Bond Director
Mr Francis Benjamin Atkinson Company Secretary
Mr Anthony Denunzio Director
Mr Steven Anthony Cain Director
Mr Justin Matthew King Director
Mr Philip Richard Langsdale Director
Ms Angela Lesley Spindler Director
Mr Steve Smith Director
Mr Peter William Monaghan Director
Mr John Galloway Director
Chittaranjan Kuchinad Director
Mr Frank James Allan Director
Mr Howard Glen Bowles Director
Mr Richard Andrew Mayfield Director
Mr Brian McLaughlin Director
Mr Philip Dutton Director
Mrs Hayley Marie Tatum Director
Mr Peter Pritchard Director
Mr Philip Martin White Company Secretary
Mr Charles Robert Redfield Director
Mr Andrew James Clarke Director
Mr Michael William Fleming Director
Mr Anthony George Jeffries Director
Ms Eleanor Doohan Company Secretary
Ms Eleanor Doohan Director
Mr Richard Wilson Brewer Director
Mrs Gwyneth Victoria Burr Director
Mr Stephen Godfrey Clark Director
Mr Francis Robert Emmott Director
Mr Lloyd Anthony Campbell Director
Mr David Smith Director
Mr Richard Nigel Bendel Director
Mr William Edward Bailey Director
Mr Geoffrey Graham Street Director
Mr Simon Theodore King Director
Mr Keith Clarke Director
Mr Brian Carr Milburn Director
Mrs Denise Nichola Jagger Director
Mrs Denise Nichola Jagger Company Secretary
Mr Michael A Palmer Director
Mr Paul Mason Director
Dr Douglas John Gurr Director
Mr Richard Baker Director
Mr John Longworth Director
Mr John Longworth Company Secretary
Mr Anthony Stuart Hemmerdinger Director
Mr Sean John Clarke Director
Mr Anthony Stuart Hemmerdinger Director
Mr Alejandro Russo Director
Mr Sean John Clarke Director
Mr Alexander Simpson Director
Mr Alexander Simpson Company Secretary
Mr Andrew Hedley Hornby Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Further Charge Sun Life Assurance Company Of Canada. OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge Sun Life Assurance Co Of Canada OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge Stc Properties Limited SATISFIED
Legal Charge Arrowcroft Estates Limited. SATISFIED
Legal Charge United Kingdom Property Company PLC SATISFIED
Legal Mortgage Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd. OUTSTANDING
Mortgage University Of Hertfordshire Higher Education Corporation OUTSTANDING
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Key Financials

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Cash £214,300,000.00 £160,900,000.00 £284,900,000.00 £334,400,000.00 £192,100,000.00
Net Worth £5,051,200,000.00 £5,332,000,000.00 £5,196,700,000.00 £5,010,700,000.00 £5,471,500,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £3,204,700,000.00 £3,291,300,000.00 £3,576,100,000.00 £3,948,900,000.00 £4,294,000,000.00
Total Current Assets £4,065,300,000.00 £4,292,700,000.00 £4,721,800,000.00 £4,967,100,000.00 £5,726,900,000.00
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