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UK Flag Bute Place Cardiff Bay, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 5AL


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Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

19 May 1948

90010 Performing arts - Performing arts

Available to 22 Mar 2024. Next accounts due by 25 Mar 2026

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr Donald Maxwell Director
Mrs Harriet Feilding Director
Mr Gerallt Pritchard Jones Director
Mr Kenon Man Director
Mr Paul Michael Hughes Director
Mrs Stephanie Myra Bradley Company Secretary
Dr Arun Daniel Midha Director
Ms Annabel Clare Pillman Director
Professor Medwin Hughes Director
Ms Aileen Verity Richards Director
Ms Manon Luned Edwards Ahir Director
Miss Nicola Clare Amery Director
Ms Yvette Anne Vaughan Jones Director
Mr Henry Brian Little Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Gwenda Lynne Berry
Chitra Bharucha
Samuel Barnaby Jones
Andrew James Miller
Martyn Ryan
Matthew Olatokunbo Dada
Gwyn Huw Davies
Mark Thomas John Molyneux
James Robert Wynne
Elen Ap Robert
Daniel Gwyn Evans
Sally Osman
Alan Will Wyatt
Peter John Davis
Antony John Hales
Elizabeth Menna Richards
Stephen Charles Thomas
Graham Thomas Devlin
Awen Fflur Jones
John Howard Lorimer
Hilary Boulding
Peter Gordon Bellingham
Anthony George Bunker
Geraint Talfan Davies
Paul Hudson Douglas Findlay
Gregory Alexander Watts
Alan Edward Peterson
Andrew Gambrell
Genista Mary McIntosh Of Hudnall
Mary Emily Denise Poulton
Mathew Caradoc Thomas Prichard
Anthony Robert Lewis
Dennis O'Neill
Roger Geraint Thomas
Brian John McMaster
Genista McIntosh
Norma Major
Donald Benjamin McDonald
John Colin Eden Webster
Peter Sean Phillips
David Lincoln Williams
Lita Marianne Young
John Richmond Paul Hammond
William Eric Husselby
Anthony Patrick Leslie Minford
Richard Trevor Johnson
Geoffrey Inkin
Richard Charles Turton
Elinor Bennett Wigley
Frederick Alfred John Emery-Wallis
John Wynford Evans
Ankaret Crickhowell
John Tooley
David Baron Davies
Joanna Katharine Foster
Geraint Stanley Jones
Margaret Elizabeth Moreland
Bernt Hugh Reinhardt Hudson-Davies
David Sandbach
Helena Braithwaite
John Henry Griffiths
Robert Hefin Jones
Thomas James Jones
Howard John Morgan
Geoffrey Thomas Rowe
Donald Walters
Gareth Cyril Jones
Jane Elizabeth Davidson
Ann Robinson
Peter George Perkins
Christine Elizabeth Lewis
David Joseph Seligman
Peter Robert Geoffrey Mathias
Arthur Sheldon Gilbert
David Maldwyn Thomas
David Joseph Goldstone
Andrew Roberts
Leo Abso
Lord Davies
Roger N Edward
Anthony Peter Freud
Idwal Eric Symonds
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC SATISFIED
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC SATISFIED
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Mortgage Chemical Bank SATISFIED
Rent Account Deed. Chemical Bank OUTSTANDING
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge Lord Mayor Alderman And Citizens Of The City Of Cardiff SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £2,217,000.00 £2,908,000.00 £6,517,000.00 £3,590,000.00 £2,751,000.00
Net Worth £6,766,000.00 £6,211,000.00 £11,000,000.00 £12,695,000.00 £14,248,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £2,658,000.00 £2,998,000.00 £3,587,000.00 £1,813,000.00 £1,731,000.00
Total Current Assets £6,748,000.00 £6,002,000.00 £8,805,000.00 £7,154,000.00 £7,273,000.00
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