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UK Flag Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

30 May 1924

94990 Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. - A group engaged to improve the world around it, providing the foundation of a good society and inspiring people to make a positive difference in thir communities. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. T/O = Total Incoming Resources.

Available to 31 Mar 2019. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR ANDY COOK Director -
MS SUSAN CORDINGLEY Company Secretary -
CHRIS FREED Director -
MR DAN SUTCH Director -
MS KIRAN KAUR Director -
Mr David Mills Taylor Director
Ms Ruth Ofoezie Mordi Director
Mr Julian Paul Mason Director
Dr Christopher Peter Hanvey Director
Mr Ian Strong Director
Ms Daphne Statham Director
Ms Roisin Anne McDonough Director
Jo Ash Director
Mrs Elizabeth Talbot Smith Director
Shu Pao Lim Director
Mr Robert Stronge Director
Mr Anthony Cannington Rogers Director
Mr Melvyn Ian Carlowe Director
Mr Douglas Simon Bennett Director
Dr Koku Adomdza Hrh Director
Mr John Knight Director
Ms Naomi Ellen Sargant Lady Mcintosh Of Haringey Director
Mr Colin Donald Campbell Logan Director
Mr Mark Anthony Blake Director
Ms Susan Jane Cordingley Company Secretary
Ms Anne O'Reilly Director
Mr Peter Robin Clyne Director
Ms Catherine Lisa Wood Company Secretary
Miss Paddy Moon Director
Mr Kenneth Charles Carter Director
Mr Charles Harry Cattell Director
Ms Frances Mary Beckett Director
Mr Robert Charles Morley Director
Ray Cowell Company Secretary
Ray Cowell Director
Dame Jo Williams Director
Ms Shelagh Ailsa Diplock Director
Ms Joan Florence Rockliffe Davies Director
The Right Honourable Simon Dallas Cairns Director
Mr Nigel David Siederer Director
Professor Dame Joan Kathleen Stringer Director
Ms Erica Gold De'Ath Director
Ms Geraldine Peacock Director
Ms Barbara Nancy Hosking Director
Mr Roger Kent Director
Ms Jacqueline Julia Dixon Director
Mr Dominic Nicholas Fox Director
Sir John Emms Read Director
Dame Julia Charity Cleverdon Director
Mr Robert Henry Jennings Director
Ms Helen Phyllis Simmons Director
Mr Stephen Dennis Bingham Director
Mr Victor Adebowale Director
Dr Krishna Sarda Director
Mr David James Locke Director
Ms Dorothy Ann McGahan Director
Ms Jane Elizabeth Slowey Director
Mrs Marjorie Eleanor Dykins Director
Ms Jenny Ann Deeks Director
Mr Vaughan Lindsay Company Secretary
Sabiha Shahzad Director
Ms Helen Anne Dent Director
Mr Steve Shaw Director
Mr Oliver Sladen Company Secretary
Sir Graham John Melmoth Director
Ms Esme Scott Director
Mr Martin Paton Sime Director
Ms Ruth Lister Director
Mr Neil William David McIntosh Director
Mr Michael Charles David Bieber Director
Mr Peter David King Director
Mr David Cyril Burgess Director
Mr Rodney Stewart Buse Director
Mrs Vivien Murray Gibney Director
Ms Melinda Letts Director
Mr David John Dorman-Smith Director
Ms Doreen Osbourne Company Secretary
Ms Doreen Osbourne Director
Ms Vandna Kumari Gohil Director
Ms Clare Thomas Director
Mr Christopher Swinson Director
Mr Peter Roger Davies Director
Ms Clare Tickell Director
Mr Stephen Ashley Sears Director
Mrs Anne Lawson-Porter Director
Lord Norman Reginald Warner Director
Mr Graham Benfield Director
Ms Lynne Gregory Company Secretary
Lady Theresa Sybil Margaret Lloyd Director
Mr Jude Cohen Director
Sir Brian Garton Jenkins Director
Mr James Hunter Galbraith Director
Mr Eric Douglas Appleby Director
Sir Peter Robert Baldwin Director
Mr Tom Mullarkey Director
Mr Robin Alastair Simpson Director
Ms Julia Caroline Nancy Sudbury Director
Mr Anthony Paul Maitland Hewson Director
Dr Robin Anthony Pellew Director
Mr Joel Anderson O'Loughlin Director
Mr Geoffrey Stephen Gibbs Director
Ms Sarah Gay Welsh Company Secretary
Ms Jane Wentworth Grant Director
Mr Quintin Andrew Oliver Director
Ms Jacqueline Anne Irwin Director
Mr Anthony Stuart Godby Company Secretary
Mr Stephen David Ainger Director
Ms Barbara Baroness Young Of Old Scone Director
Mr Thomas Henry Jones Director
Mrs Karen S Bollan Director
Mr Geoffrey Charles Philip Rayner Director
Mr Graeme Crockatt King Director
Mr Wynne David Garnett Director
Ms Louise Parr-Morley Company Secretary
Mr Ian Waugh Bruce Director
Mr Roland Alan Owers Director
Mr David Bryan Director
Ms Andrea Cook Director
Ms Susan Jocelyn Sayer Director
Mrs Alison Elizabeth Roylance-White Director
Ms Christine Ann Carling Director
Ms Heather Mary Petch Director
Prof Margaret Jean Talbot Director
Mr Colin Booth Director
Ms Angela Elizabeth Bailey Director
Mr Geoffrey Hugh Foster Director
Ms Alison Jane Mortimer Director
Ms Philippa Mary Langford Director
Mr Robert Evans Company Secretary
Ms Christine Kent Director
Mrs Patricia Anne Marie Tarttelin Director
Mr John David Gould Isherwood Director
Mr John David Emerson Director
Ms Dorothy Day Director
Ms Susanne Brigitte Rauprich Director
Ms Helen Margaret Voce Director
Mr Jonathan Moore Director
Mr Clyde Kendall Job Director
Mrs Mary Eileen Wimbury Director
Ms Doreen Massey Director
Mr Laurie Williams Director
Mr Peter Olds Director
Ms Karin Pappenheim Director
Mrs Winifred Letitia Tumin Director
Ms Loraine Frances Martins Director
Mr Jonathan Kenneth Isaac Director
Ms Sandra Christine Reeves Director
Mrs Margaret Ellen Coleman Director
Mr John Frank Matthews Director
Sir John Henry Geers Cotterell Director
Mr Raymond John Kipling Director
Sir Donald Walters Director
Ms Margaret Wightman Director
Mr Ciaran Gearoid Devane Director
Sir Geoffrey Chandler Director
Mr Martyn John Dudley Lewis Director
Ms Tessa Willow Director
Ms Ada Winifred Maddocks Director
Ms Christine Mary Hammond Director
Dr Bhagabat Charan Das Director
Mrs Valerie Ann Gillespie Director
Mrs Constance Ann Gillian Davies Director
Dr Anne Penelope Robinson Director
Baroness Diana Warwick Director
Mr Michael John Mary Brophy Director
Sukhdev Mulkhraj Sharma Director
Mr Jagwant Singh Johal Director
Mr James Alexander Mark Dear Director
Mr Michael Francis Theodore Clasby Director
Dr John Menzies Low Director
Ms Gwenda Lynne Berry Director
Ms Anne Pridmore Director
Ms Teresa Veitch Director
Mr Ashok Kumar Ghose Director
Mrs Veryl Alletta Harriott Director
Mr Seamus McAleavey Director
Mr Jonathan Neil Fitzmaurice Director
Mr Matthew Thomas Hyde Director
Ms Natasha Mort Director
Mr Ciaran Gearoid Devane Director
Ms Fazilet Hadi Director
Mr Bruce Malcolm Gordon Director
Rear Admiral Richard Derek Leaman Director
Mr Neil Ronald Lindley Thomas Director
Mr Christopher Wade Director
Mr Tiger Antonio De Souza Director
Sir Stuart James Etherington Company Secretary
Mr Peter Kellner Director
Ms Sally Anne Young Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Ubs Ag, London Branch; OUTSTANDING
Charge Westminster Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
Charge Westminster Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
First Charge Actually Created On 30th October 1936 Verified By The Statutory Declaration South Suburban Co-operative Society ; SATISFIED
Legal Charge Gle Properties Limited ; SATISFIED
Legal Charge Midland Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
Legal Charge Midland Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
Legal Charge Barclays Bank PLC ; OUTSTANDING
Legal Mortgage National Westminster Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
Letter Of Deposit Westminster Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
Letter Of Deposit Westminster Bank PLC ; SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £2,350,000.00 £1,813,000.00 £2,531,000.00 £2,520,000.00 £3,152,000.00
Net Worth £1,297,000.00 £2,608,000.00 £2,118,000.00 £3,260,000.00 £3,909,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £2,845,000.00 £2,520,000.00 £2,426,000.00 £2,449,000.00 £2,593,000.00
Total Current Assets £4,942,000.00 £4,272,000.00 £3,958,000.00 £4,033,000.00 £4,521,000.00
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