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UK Flag 1, Churchill Place, London, London, E14 5HP


Public limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

20 July 1896

64191 Banks - Banks

Available to 20 May 2023. Next accounts due by 30 Jun 2024

Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Sir John Oliver Frank Kingman Director
Ms Hannah Elisabeth Ellwood Company Secretary
Mr Menasey Marc Moses Director
Ms Angela Anna Cross Director
Mr Robert Berry Director
Mr Coimbatore Sundararajan Venkatakrishnan Director
Ms Julia Susan Wilson Director
Dr Brian Gilvary Director
Dr Mohamed A El-Erian Director
Ms Dawn Fitzpatrick Director
Mr Nigel Paul Higgins Director
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Francis Director
Mrs Diane Lynn Schueneman Director
Mr Timothy James Breedon Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Mary Anne Citrino
Michael John Turner
Stephen Victor Shapiro
Matthew John Lester
Lawrence Charles Dickinson
Ian Michael Cheshire
Claire Anne Davies
Gerald Edgar Grimstone
James Edward Staley
John McFarlane
Crawford Scott Gillies
Stephen Gerard Thieke
Tushar Morzaria
Wendy Lucas-Bull
Michael St John Ashley
Frits Van Paasschen
Diane Marie Therese Helene De Milhe De Saint Victor
David Alan Walker
Antony Peter Jenkins
Alison Carnwath
Dambisa Felicia Moyo
Reuben Jeffery Iii
Simon John Fraser
Michael Derek Vaughan Rake
Patience Jane Wheatcroft
David George Booth
Christopher George Lucas
Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius
Frederik Ferdinand Seegers
Fulvio Conti
Daniel Christiaan Cronje
Robert Edward Diamond Jr
John Michael Sunderland
Robert King Steel
Richard Leigh Clifford
John Andrew Likierman
Naguib Kheraj
Roger William John Davis
Gary Andrew Hoffman
David Lawton Roberts
Richard John Broadbent
Lawrence Charles Dickinson
Jurgen Zech
Sandra June Noble Dawson
Graham Martyn Wallace
Stephen George Russell
John Morrison Stewart
Brian Garton Jenkins
Matthew William Barrett
David Philip Allvey
Michael Edward O'Neill
Alison Marie Dillon
John Silvester Varley
Christopher John Lendrum
Hilary Mary Cropper
Andrew Mcleod Brooks Large
Thomas David Guy Arculus
William Robert Harrison
Anthony Nigel Russell Rudd
Peter Jack Jarvis
William John Gordon
Howard Bailey Trust
John Martin Taylor
Oliver Henry James Stocken
John Michael David Atterbury
Michael David Milroy Franklin
Humphrey Thomas Norrington Obe
Francis Alastair Lavie Robinson
David Band
Denys Hartley Henderson
Jan Peelen
John Quinton
Timothy Hugh Bevan
Ralph Thomas Campion George Sherman Stonor Camoys
Patrick Richard Henry Lord Wright Of Richmond
Peter Edward Middleton
Nigel Lawson
Shijuro Ogata
Peter Anthony Wood
James Douglas Spooner
Gerald Nigel Mobbs
Mary Elizabeth Baker
John Derek Birkin
Andrew Robert Fowell Buxton
Martin Wakefield Jacomb
Michael Davidel Milroy Franklyn
Owen Howard Rout
Brian Gerald Pearse
Ian Geoffrey Butler
James M Prior
Peter Evelyn Leslie
Frederick Roger Goodenough
Charles Henderson Tidbury
Deryk Vander Weyer
Anthony J Rudge
Henry U Lambert
Anthony Favill Tuke
Richard Thorn Pease

Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.

Key Financials

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Cash £254,291,000,000.00 £233,514,000,000.00 £292,494,000,000.00 £238,574,000,000.00 £256,351,000,000.00
Net Worth £54,583,000,000.00 £56,310,000,000.00 £57,849,000,000.00 £69,052,000,000.00 £68,292,000,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £1,066,801,000,000.00 £1,071,782,000,000.00 £1,280,313,000,000.00 £1,314,244,000,000.00 £1,444,439,000,000.00
Total Current Assets £1,117,387,000,000.00 £1,123,472,000,000.00 £1,332,828,000,000.00 £1,384,285,000,000.00 £1,513,699,000,000.00