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UK Flag Bma House, British Medical Association, London, WC1H 9JP


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Active - Accounts Filed

21 October 1874

74909 Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c. - A group engaged to provide personal, professional and representation services for its members. T/O = Total income.

Available to 31 Dec 2018. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
DR KEVIN O'KANE Director -
Director -
Dr Anthea Mary Mowat Director
Dr Clive Peedell Director
Dr Chaand Nagpaul Director
Dr Marie-Louise Irvine Director
Dr Robert MacLaren Director
Dr Margaret Elizabeth Elmes Director
Dr Eric David Rose Director
Ms Sarah Jane Louise Smith Director
Dr Elizabeth Helen Taylor Director
Ms Catherine Mary MacAdam Director
Dr Christopher John Spencer Jones Director
Mr Joseph Lippincoff Director
Dr Andrew Graeme Rowland Director
Dr Thamotheram Nimalraj Director
Dr Robert Luigi Morley Director
Dr Pauline Ruth Brimblecombe Director
Dr John Geofrey Ball Director
Ms Alice Joanna Faye Messeruy Rutter Director
Mrs Beryl Antoinette De Souza Director
Ms Jennifer Jane Ciechan Director
Miss Marion Matheson Director
Dr Simon Minkoff Director
Dr Leonard Paul Harvey Director
Mr George Kaithayil Ninan Director
Dr Samena Chaudhry Director
Dr Peter Brian Terry Director
Dr Sally Chambers Director
Dr Trevor Paul Pickersgill Director
Dr Stephen Hunter Director
Dr Clive Peedell Director
Dr Jonathan Karll Cox Director
Dr Digby Patrick Chisholm Thomas Director
Ms Eleanor May Draeger Director
Dr Peter Tiplady Director
Dr Jonathan Mark Fielden Director
Dr David Geoffrey Murray Lewis Director
Dr Russell John Walshaw Director
Dr John Christopher Tiarks Director
Sir Christopher Hammon Paine Director
Dr Fortune Mabensela Ncube Director
Mr Derek McLaughlan Director
Sir Peter Froggatt Director
Mr David Leonard Williams Director
Dr Kate Kathryn Patricia Ward Director
Ms Judith Ann Jones Director
Dr Sean William Clarke Director
Mr Arthur Macgregor Morris Director
Dr Jane Clare Timperley Director
Leigh Robert Bissett Director
Dr Mohinder Singh Dhatt Director
Dr Stephen Austin Director
Dr Michael Albert John Chamberlain Director
Dr James Montgomery Dunlop Director
Dr John Robert Rawlinson Director
Dr Mark James Stewart Weir Director
Dr Robert Barnett Director
Dr John Callander Director
Mr Nizam Mamode Director
Mr David William Cairns Director
Mr Jonathan Andrews Director
Dr James Barrett Director
Dr Brian Douglas Keighley Director
Professor Michael Ralph Rees Director
Dr Grant Stuart Black Kelly Director
Professor Sir Edward Dillwyn Williams Director
Dr Sriramashetty Venugopal Director
Dr Peter Bernard Maguire Director
Dr Fiona Margaret Kew Director
Dr Keith Brent Director
Dr Terence John Morris Director
Dr Jonathan Mark Fraser Temple Director
Dr Crawford George Macdougall Fernie Director
Ms Barbara Wood Director
Professor Sir Charles Frederick George Director
Dr Sara Hedderwick Director
Dr Ian Banks Director
Mr Ewan Beaton MacDonald Director
Ms Adele McKenna Director
Dr Michael Erwin Jan Wise Director
Dr Peter Charles Hawker Director
Dr Paul Michael Flynn Director
Dr Martin John Toal Director
Dr Robin Lochrie Pearson Director
Dr Ian Maurice Peek Director
Dr Hamish Robin Peter Meldrum Director
Mr Daniel Jonathan Bell Director
Dr Jennie Blackwell Director
Dr Simon Harland Spencer Calvert Director
Dr Howard Michael Freeman Director
Dr Andrew Richard Thornley Director
Dr Jacqueline Anne Cassell Director
Professor Baroness Sheila Clare Hollins Director
Dr Arthur Richard Robyn Cain Director
Dr Mary Church Director
Dr Beth Kirstie McCarron Nash Director
Dr Gregory Dennis Dilliway Director
Mr John James Andrew Reid Director
Dr Martin James Wallace Breach Director
Sir Charles Frederick George Director
Sir Kenneth Calman Director
Mr Michael Ian David Cawley Director
Dr Rachel Louise Hooke Director
Dr Ian Robert Wilson Director
Mr Alaisdair Garnett Stewart Director
Dr Sarah Louise Taylor Director
Ms Jenny Rosemary Vaughan Director
Ms Emma Jane Bywaters Director
Dr Vijay Bathla Director
Dr Jane Mary Fenton May Director
Dr John Angus Mcvicar Garner Director
Dr Alexandra Simone Jacqueline Freeman Director
Dr Ewen Sim Director
Dr Jonathan Mark Fielden Director
Dr James Angus Ford Director
Ms Juliet Veronica Dunmur Director
Dr Arnold Elliott Director
Mrs Wendy Diane Savage Director
Dr John Johnston Ferguson Director
Ms Helen Fallon Director
Dr Penelope Rebecca Toff Director
Mr Anthony Rhys Bourne Company Secretary
Dr Lionel Kopelowitz Director
Dr Evan Harris Director
Mr Andrew Hobart Director
Dr Keerthi Michelle Mohan Director
Mr Philip William Mervyn Steadman Director
Dr George Rae Director
Dr Andrew Stephen Collier Director
Dr Vishal Sharma Director
Dame Deidre Joan Hine Director
Professor Sir Brian Jarman Director
Dr John Stuart Horner Director
Dr Stewart Kay Director
Dr William James Appleyard Director
Sir Terence English Director
Mr Nicholas David Jenkins Director
Dr Brian George Patterson Obe Director
Dr Joy Beryl Edelman Director
Dr Stephen Colin Drew Director
Dr Lindsey Margaret Davies Director
Dr William Dean Marshall Director
Dr Hugh Dundonald Turner Director
Ms Eleanor Meriel O Sullivan Director
Dr John Rupert Allen Chawner Director
Dr Edwin Miles Borman Director
Dr Sally Louise Barnard Director
Mr Kristian Paul Mears Director
Dr Peter Fraser Bennie Director
Dr Ruth Emma Benzimra Director
Mr Andrew John Wilson Director
Mr Thomas Herbert McKinstry Director
Dr Richard Withnall Director
Dr Steven Hajioff Director
Dr David Charles Snashall Director
Mr Nicholas Steele Director
Sir Ernest Donald Acheson Director
Miss Elizabeth Lee Director
Ms Anne Elizabeth Pauline Rodway Director
Mr John David Keeling Director
Mr Robert Kilpatrick Director
Mr James North Johnson Director
Dr Joanna Hilborne Director
Dr John Louis Joseph Kearns Director
Dr John Knox Director
Dr Anita Holdcroft Director
Mr Ronald Bryan John Director
Dr Deb Kumar Bose Director
Dr Paul Robert Grime Director
Sir Michael Gideon Marmot Director
Dr Robert Anthony Keable-Elliott Director
Dr Stefan Frederick Edmund Coghlan Director
Dr Terry Martin John Director
Dr David Michael Wilks Director
Dr Loretta Light Director
Dr Sati Ariyanayagam Director
Mr Derek Grenville MacHin Director
Dr John Alistair Riddell Director
Ms Kate Elizabeth Duffield Director
Dr Donald Campbell McNutt Director
Dr Thomas McFarlane Director
Dr Ruth Elisabeth Gilbert Director
Dr Francis Owen Wells Director
Dr Myer Goldman Director
Miss Constance Ethel Fozzard Director
Roopendra Kumar Prasad Director
Dr Judith Ann Gilley Director
Dr Richard Mark Vautrey Director
Dr Paul Gerrard Darragh Director
Dr Richard James Jarvis Director
Mr Jeremy Alan Watkin Strachan Company Secretary
Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran Director
Dr John Antony Powell Director
Mr Richard Kay Greenwood Director
Dr Colin Alexander Hamilton Director
Dr David Vivian Rutter Director
Professor Averil Olive Mansfield Director
Mr Raymond Michael Shearer Director
Miss Elly Jemima Pilavachi Director
Dr Andrew James Carney Director
Dr Clive Edward Bowman Director
Dr Anthony Herbert Everington Director
Dr Alexandra Simone Jacqueline Freeman Director
Mr Geoffrey William Hinchley Director
Mr Adolf William Asscher Director
Dr Peter Fraser Bennie Director
Dr Reena Mani Director
Mr Timothy Oliver Crocker-Buque Director
Dr Jonathan Guy Reggler Director
Dr David Eric Pickersgill Director
Prof John Bernard Lloyd Howell Director
Dr Simon Albert Philip Jenkins Director
Dr (Mrs) Susan Louise Ibbotson Director
Mr Russell Hopkins Director
Dr David Roy Tooth Director
Dr (Mrs) Eileen Anne Wain Director
Dr Paul Michael Flynn Director
Dr John Henry Marks Director
Mr John Wellington Eddy Director
Dr Simon John Arthur Eccles Director
Mr Brian Ridley Hopkinson Director
Mr Richard Duddingston Rawlins Director
Dr (Mrs) Frances Mary White Director
Sir Anthony Herbert Grabham Director
Dr Michael Anthony Wilson Director
Dr Jeremy Patrick Lee-Potter Director
Dr Stephen John Watkins Director
Surgeon Commander Colin Norman Warlow Director
Dr Michael John Goodman Director
Dr John David Watts Director
Dr Romesh Chand Gupta Director
Dr Jonathan Mark Porter Director
Dr George Rae Director
Dr Caroline Margaret Marriott Director
Dr David Parry Director
Mr Simon Lee Barker Director
Sir Alexander Wiseman MacAra Director
Dr John Stewart May Director
Dr James Anthony McCaul Director
Ms Emily Rigby Director
Ms Karin R Purshouse Director
Dr Ian Trevor Field Company Secretary
Mr Rupert Nigel Gauntlett Director
Dr Kathleen Elizabeth Bullen Director
Mr Ian Saville Grant Noble Director
Dr Jammi Nagaraj Rao Director
Dr Stephen McCabe Director
Dr Colin Smith Director
Dr Edward Leslie Rose Director
Ms Kirsty Louise Lloyd Director
Dr Edward Brian Lewis Director
Dr John William Chisholm Director
Dr Philip William Melvyn Steadman Director
Dr Peter John Pashley Holden Director
Dr Edward Francis Coyle Director
Dr Ian Gibb Bogle Director
Mr Daniel George Atkinson Director
Mr Mohib Khan Director
Dr Amit Kochhar Director
Mr Andrew Kinmond Director
Dr /obe Kailash Chand Director
Dr Adam Roy Edward Moreton Director
Mrs Anna Christine Athow Director
Mr Harrison David Edward Carter Director
Mr David Cameron Morrell Director
Dr Shirley Jane Richards Director
Dr Frederick David Roberts Director
Dr Judith Ann Langfield Director
Mr William Henry Seligman Director
Dr Paul David Miller Director
Professor David Craig Carter Director
Dr Charlotte Myong Cowie Director
Dr Katherine Adams Director
Dr Anthony Lawson Calland Director
Dr Jane Clare Timperley Director
Dr Alexandra Helen Oneill Lewis Director
Dr Jacqueline Davis Director
Dr Shreelata Datta Director
Prof Bhupinder Kaur Sandhu Director
Dr James Birley Director
Dr Tamara Everington Director
Dr Kailash Nath Agrawal Director
Dr Thomas Stephen Dolphin Director
Dr Anita Goraya Director
Dr Ewen Crighton Bramwell Director
Mr Graeme John Eunson Director
Dr Patrick Glackin Director
Dr Fay Wilson Director
Ms Elizabeth Angharad Corps Director
Mr Ernest Macalpine Armstrong Director
Mr Ernest Macalpine Armstrong Company Secretary
Dr Peter Hugh Dangerfield Director
Dr Keith Brent Director
Professor Michael Douglas Allen Vickers Director
Mr Mark Stephen Bailey Director
Mr William Roger Currie Director
Mr Nicholas Deakin Director
Mr Awani Kumar Choudhary Director
Dr Giri Rajaratnam Director
Dr Radhakrishna Shanbhag Director
Dr Simon Oakley Fradd Director
Dr Susan Andree Robson Director
Mr Thomas John Foley Director
Mr James Anthony Robertson Director
Ms Carol Ann Basham Director
Mr Andrew McIrvine Director
Mr John Maurice Dunlop Director
Dr Beth Kirstie McCarron-Nash Director
Dr Jennifer Jane Ciechan Director
Dame Fiona Caldicott Director
Dr Kenneth James Robertson Director
Dr Ram Moorthy Director
Dr Philip James Banfield Director
Dr Andrew John Ashworth Director
Dr Keith Reid Director
Dr Laurence Buckman Director
Dr Noel David Lyche Olsen Director
Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy Director
Dr Benjamin William Molyneux Director
Dr Gareth John Hughes Emrys-Jones Director
Mr Paul Lawrence Patrick John Thorpe Director
Dr Jaswinder Singh Bamrah Director
Dr Lewis Gordon Morrison Director
Mr Keith David Ward Director
Dr David George Wrigley Director
Dr Andrew Richard Dearden Director
Dr Helena Maria McKeown Director
Dr Anthea Mary Mowat Director
Ms Belinda Clare Phipps Director
Mrs Joan Harris Howard Director
Mr Patrick Andrew Murphy Director
Mr Joseph Wharton Lippincott Iii Director
Prof Bhupinder Kaur Sandhu Director
Professor Dame Parveen June Kumar Director
Dr Helena Maria McKeown Director
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £18,063,000.00 £22,021,000.00 £24,240,000.00 £25,659,000.00 £24,044,000.00
Net Worth £101,752,000.00 £76,309,000.00 £101,804,000.00 £123,186,000.00 £126,974,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £47,587,000.00 £56,965,000.00 £56,242,000.00 £59,301,000.00 £56,647,000.00
Total Current Assets £38,963,000.00 £48,445,000.00 £49,210,000.00 £55,600,000.00 £51,611,000.00
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