Hiding company or director details

We understand that some people have reservations about details being easily accessible on the web and are happy to prevent Company Check pages being found in search engines.

I want to hide my home address and date of birth

If your home address is showing this is because it is registered at Companies House. The fastest way to fix this issue is to file a form CH01 at Companies House to replace your home address with a 'service address'.

We receive all changes within 10 working days. If you hold no active directorships you will be unable to submit this form and it is therefore impossible to remove this information from the public domain. In either case, here at Company Check we are happy to hide the address and data of birth of ANY director on our website, current or historic. Simply complete the form below. You will need the Director ID to hand.

I want to prevent my details showing in Google

To prevent a Company Check record appearing in search engines such as Google, complete the form below. You will need the Director ID or Company ID for the page you wish to remove.

Upon submission, we add a no-index tag to prevent the page being indexed. Search engines can take as long as 3 weeks (sometimes longer) to re-index our web pages and update the listings. The time taken is out of our control.

How to submit your removal request

This form is automated. When you complete the form and click SUBMIT, a noindex tag will be added to the page assigned to the Company or Director ID provided. For Director removal requests, the date of birth and address of the Director will be hidden. Company addresses cannot be hidden. Here's how to complete the form:

  • Find your Company or Director ID using these instructions
  • Enter your ID in the form. This will automatically fill in the Company or Director name for you
  • Enter your email address (we'll send you a confirmation email)
  • Select the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” (we need to prove you're human)

Removal Request Form

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