Check That Company

Before you do business with any company you should be able to check a company out, quickly and easily. It is paramount to do your due diligence, and with our service you can check every company that you do business with. Sign up today!

Check that company to prevent risks to your cashflow

It's generally believed that if you check that company you about to enter into business with you should include a credit check and also investigate what CCJs are outstanding, if any. In the current economy, finding reliable suppliers and clients who are trading strongly is becoming more difficult, with many companies becoming insolvent.

That's why it's important to estimate the financial strength of the company before agreeing to enter crucial contracts and long-term agreements. Once you have decided to get sufficient information on a company, it's time to check that company.

Why use Company Check?

An accurate company check stands out for all the right reasons. To begin with, comprehensive financial reports include verified data received from official sources such as Companies House, The County Courts Insolvency Service, the London and Edinburgh Gazette and Registries Trust.

Our extensive databases contain information on 100,000,000 companies and directorships, so the necessary data are easy to find. The information available is regularly updated. Taking advantage of fresh data may help you avoid the pitfalls of clenching dubious deals thus saving your company reputation and capital. Sign up and check that company now!

What data is included?

Company credit reports contain a lot of detail that may help you see the full picture of the financial situation of the company you wish to check.

Check that company with and get live up to the minute data and free accounts including directory and risk information as well as data on major shareholders, balance sheets, profits, interims, ratios and more.

Why check on the internet?

Getting credit information is easy with Company Check. Login, for free using your email address, Twitter, Facebook or Google account and get instant access to millions of company documents. Running a company credit check is irreplaceable when you need to check a company to predict the possible risks of a contract.