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R.j.fry & Co

active Porterstown Farm, Keir,thornhill, Dumfriesshire,

R.j.fry & Co Company Report
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R.j.fry & Co

active Porterstown Farm, Keir,thornhill, Dumfriesshire,

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Key Financials

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Accounts Table

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Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss
Consolidated Accounts
Cost of Sales
Gross Profit
Wages & Salaries
Directors Emoluments
Operating Profit
Audit Fees
Interest Payments
Pre Tax Profit
Profit After Tax
Dividends Payable
Retained Profit

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
Tangible Assets
Intangible Assets
Total Fixed Assets
Trade Debtors
Other Debtors
Miscellaneous Current Assets
Total Current Assets
Trade Creditors
Bank Loans And Overdrafts
Other Short Term Finance
Miscellaneous Current Liabilities
Total Current Liabilities
Bank Loans And Overdrafts And LTL
Other Long Term Finance
Total Long Term Finance

Capital & Reserves

Capital & Reserves
Called Up Shared Capital
P & L Account Reserve
Revaluation Reserve
Sundry Reserves
Shareholder Funds

Other Financial Items

Other Financial Items
Net Worth
Working Capital
Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Net Assets


Net Cash Flow From Operations
Net Cash Flow Before Financing
Net Cash Flow From Financing
Increase In Cash


Contingent Liability
Capital Employed
Number Of Employees
Auditor Comments


Pre-tax Profit Margin
Current Ratio
sales Networking Capital
Equity In %
Creditor Days
Liquidity/Acid Test
Return on Capital Employed %
Return on Total Assets Employed %
Current Debt Ratio
Total Debt Ratio
Stock Turnover Ratio %
Return on Net Assets Employed %
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