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Insure Hire Uk LTD

dissolved 618 Stratford Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4AP

Insure Hire Uk LTD Company Report
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Insure Hire Uk LTD

dissolved 618 Stratford Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4AP

Key Financials

Cash £7.00
Net Worth -£7,502.00
Total Current Liabilities £13,827.00
Total Current Assets £6,325.00
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Accounts Table

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Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss
Weeks 52
Currency GBP
Consolidated Accounts N
Turnover £0
Cost of Sales £0
Gross Profit £0
Wages & Salaries £0
Directors Emoluments £0
Operating Profit £0
Depreciation £0
Audit Fees £0
Interest Payments £0
Pre Tax Profit £0
Tax £0
Profit After Tax £0
Dividends Payable £0
Retained Profit £0
Export £0

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
Tangible Assets £0
Intangible Assets £0
Total Fixed Assets £0
Stock £0
Trade Debtors £5,742
Cash £7
Other Debtors £576
Miscellaneous Current Assets £0
Total Current Assets £6,325
Trade Creditors £0
Bank Loans And Overdrafts £0
Other Short Term Finance £0
Miscellaneous Current Liabilities £13,827
Total Current Liabilities £13,827
Bank Loans And Overdrafts And LTL £0
Other Long Term Finance £0
Total Long Term Finance £0

Capital & Reserves

Capital & Reserves
Called Up Shared Capital £2
P & L Account Reserve £-7,504
Revaluation Reserve £0
Sundry Reserves £0
Shareholder Funds £-7,502

Other Financial Items

Other Financial Items
Net Worth £-7,502
Working Capital £-7,502
Total Assets £6,325
Total Liabilities £13,827
Net Assets £-7,502


Net Cash Flow From Operations £0
Net Cash Flow Before Financing £0
Net Cash Flow From Financing £0
Increase In Cash £0


Contingent Liability NO
Capital Employed £-7,502
Number Of Employees 0
Auditor Comments The company is exempt from audit


Pre-tax Profit Margin
Current Ratio 0.46
sales Networking Capital
Gearing 0
Equity In % -118.6
Creditor Days
Liquidity/Acid Test 0.45
Return on Capital Employed %
Return on Total Assets Employed %
Current Debt Ratio -1.84
Total Debt Ratio -1.84
Stock Turnover Ratio %
Return on Net Assets Employed %