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UK Flag 10 Brock Street, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3FG


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

01 September 1997

70100 Activities of head offices - The provision of finance and management services for group companies. T/O = Other interest receivable and similar income. Holdng comapany.

Available to 02 Sep 2017. Next accounts due by 02 Jun 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR PAUL REX EARDLEY Company Secretary -
Mr Christopher Thomas Pearce Director
Mr Simon Edward Herrick Director
Mr Jeremy Arthur Parr Director
Mr Nigel Brian Palmer Director
Mr Edward Matthew Giles Roberts Company Secretary
Mr Guy Antony Johnson Company Secretary
Mr Peter Thomas Kaursland Director
Ms Julie Amanda Roberts Director
Ms Julie Amanda Roberts Company Secretary
Mr Phillipe Marinos Costeletos Director
Dr David Wilson Company Secretary
Mr Guido Padovano Director
Mr Edward Matthew Giles Roberts Director
Sir John Austin Hungerford Leigh Hoskyns Director
Mr Robert David Hill Director
Mr Timothy Clarke Director
Mr Ramzi Gedeon Director
Mr Peter Jack Jarvis Director
Mr Terence Anthony Green Director
Ms Belinda Jane Earl Director
Ms Suzanne Harlow Director
Mr Michael Robert Gordon Baulk Director
Mr John David Lovering Director
Mr Jonathan Philip Feuer Director
Ms Jane Heather Ruth Guillaume Director
Ms Nikki Zamblera Director
Mr Christopher Kevin Woodhouse Director
Mr Robert William Templeman Director
Mr Michael John Todkill Sharp Director
Mr Matthew George Smith Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Deed Of Accession And Charge Credit Suisse First Boston SATISFIED
Deed Of Accession And Charge Credit Suisse,london Branch SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £100,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £300,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Net Worth £145,100,000.00 £148,900,000.00 £147,300,000.00 £146,500,000.00 £145,700,000.00 £144,900,000.00 £144,100,000.00 £143,200,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £96,400,000.00 £231,200,000.00 £368,900,000.00 £453,500,000.00 £566,900,000.00 £744,600,000.00 £882,000,000.00 £997,900,000.00
Total Current Assets £52,300,000.00 £190,900,000.00 £327,000,000.00 £410,800,000.00 £523,400,000.00 £700,300,000.00 £836,900,000.00 £951,900,000.00
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