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UK Flag 52-54 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8RT


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Active - Accounts Filed

26 August 1994

94990 Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. - The advancement of the education of girls and women about traditionally male dominated manual trades, the encouragement to take up training and employment, and the provision of information to training places and work places on how to improve conditions for women in manual trades. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. T/O = Total incoming resources.

Available to 31 Mar 2017. Next accounts due by 31 Dec 2018

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Ms Alison Smith Director
Dr Helen Jacqueline Hill Director
Mr Michael Lawrence Petch Director
Ms Anna Walterskotter Director
Ms Anna Walterskotter Company Secretary
Ms Kerrie Marie Keeling Director
Ms Angela May Jezard Director
Ms Jenny Casson Director
Ms Jenny Casson Company Secretary
Ms Colette Osborne Director
Ms Christina Boyden Director
Miss Rajvant Nijjhar Company Secretary
Ms Jamila Barrett Director
Ms Christine Sonia Armstrong Director
Mrs Kharima Dada Director
Ms Enoma Igiehon Director
Ms Annabel Charity Matilda Hands Director
Ms Sarah Tanburn Director
Miss Michelle McLean Director
Miss Michelle McLean Company Secretary
Ms Patricia Louise Fitzsimons Director
Ms Harriet Eslpeth McDonald Director
Ms Helen Pauline Welch Director
Mrs Ceri Willmott Director
Ms Fiona Jane Duckworth Company Secretary
Ms Fiona Jane Duckworth Director
Ms Angela Egonu Director
Shenaaz Kazi Director
Mr Brian Christopher Berry Director
Ms Shelagh Prosser Director
Ms Shelagh Prosser Company Secretary
Ms Sarah Playden Director
Ms Sarah Playden Company Secretary
Ms Angela Denise Patch Company Secretary
Ms Jackie Mollison Director
Ms Penelope Gray Director
Ms Christine Wall Director
Mrs Kirstin Mary McIntosh Director
Ms Carole Anne Leow Director
Ms Charmaine Brouard Director
Mr Adam Firbank Director
Ms Rachel Epson Director
Sass Elinor Director
Ms Christine Hevey Director
Ms Christine Townley Director
Ms Andrea Katherine Cowling Director
Ms Andrea Katherine Cowling Company Secretary
Ms Lesley Mary Climpson Company Secretary
Ms Lesley Mary Climpson Director
Dr Elizabeth Hawkins Nelson Director
Ms Claudette Brown Director
Ms Sarah Jane Carrington Director
Ms Alison Rachael Medley Director
Ms Kaye Napper Director
Ms Janet Shelley Director
Ms Alexandra Imrie Director
Ms Kay Copp Brown Director
Ms Viviene Elaine Bish Director
Ms Carol Eileen Biggs Company Secretary
Ms Sue Leen Leong Director
Ms Sue Leen Leong Company Secretary
Ms Emily English Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Debenture Co-operative Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
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Key Financials

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Cash £742.00 £1,750.00 £652.00 £19,675.00 £27,355.00 £26,310.00 £6,019.00
Net Worth -£16,849.00 £6,812.00 £1,327.00 £15,258.00 £26,411.00 £24,002.00 £11,698.00
Total Current Liabilities £24,618.00 £5,305.00 £2,242.00 £4,417.00 £2,843.00 £2,308.00 £2,321.00
Total Current Assets £7,769.00 £12,117.00 £3,569.00 £19,675.00 £29,254.00 £26,310.00 £14,019.00
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