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UK Flag Penistone Agricultural Society, Bridge Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 6AJ


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Active - Accounts Filed

09 June 1994

88990 Other social work activities without accommodation n.e.c. - To improve and encourage agricultural, forestry, horticultural and allied industries along with rural and creative crafts and the breeding of livestock. Limited by guarantee.

Available to 31 Dec 2017. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Shaw Director
Ms Kathleen Goldthorpe Director
Mr James Geoffrey Durrans Director
Mr John William Stones Director
Mr George James Punt Director
Mr John Ian Thompson Director
Mrs Sheila Stephenson Director
Mr Michael Patrick John Harris Director
Mr Kevan Michael Smith Director
Ms Julie Marie Firth Director
Mr Michael Roberts Director
Mr Ian Michael Stuart Director
Mr David Marsden Director
Mr Robert Andrew Halliday Director
Mr Jeffrey Michael Senior Director
Ms Christine Elaine Earnshaw Director
Mr Charles Hodgkinson Director
Mr John William Clarke Director
Mr Peter Leonard Read Company Secretary
Mr Eric Graham Crossland Director
Mr George Bashforth Director
Mr Michael Walter Morrell Director
Ms Debra Coles Director
Ms Sandra Wilkinson Director
Ms Jacqueline Helen Clegg Director
Ms Ruth Mary Hurley Director
Mr Frank Clegg Director
Ms Joyce Parker Director
Mr Barrie Fisher Director
Mr Neil Whitmore Director
Mr Neville Perry Director
Mr Eric Aspinall Director
Mr Ernest Arnold Director
Ms Margaret Victoria Hague Director
Mrs Brenda Hinchcliffe Director
Ms Dorothy Clegg Director
Ms Jane Fretwell Director
Ms Sandra Helliwell Director
Mr Alec Proud Director
Ms Pauline Anne Hepworth Director
Mr Eric Barlow Director
Mr Stephen Leech Director
Ms Susan Ann Halliday Director
Mr Stephen John Lavender Director
Mr Clive Kevan Smith Director
Mr Brian Spencer Stafford Director
Mr Christopher Fletcher Director
Mr John Bonham Director
Mr Andrew Ronald Lowe Director
Ms Janice Hopson Director
Mr George Derek Whitworth Director
Mr Robert Butler Director
Mr Peter Batty Hoyland Director
Mr Cedric John Alan Robshaw Director
Ms Lucy Annabel Manchester Director
Mr Christopher Ronald Frisby Director
Mr Robert Briggs Director
Ms Rebecca Mary Read Director
Mr Alan Hey Director
Ms Kym Ena Allsopp Director
Mr Mark Jason Ian Pearson Director
Mr John David Stuart Director
Ms Tracy Watts Director
Ms Elaine Ann Hey Director
Mr James Derick Hoyland Director
Ms Jane Pemberton Director
Mr Charles Robert Alsop Director
Mr Thomas Edwin Daykin Director
Mr John Gledhill Smith Director
Ms Stephanie Jayne Summerfield Director
Mr Gerald Scarfe Director
Ms Naomi Rachel Sarah Frisby Director
Mr John Graham Coultish Director
Ms Patricia Mary Alsop Director
Mr Philip Watts Director
Mr Jeremy Mark Hoyland Director
Ms Elizabeth Carsley Walker Director
Mr Leonard Albert Field Director
Mr Roger Hinchliff Director
Mr David Roger Kirkland Director
Ms Beryl Janet Clarke Director
Dr Timothy Atkinson Booth Director
Ms Melanie Stuart Director
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £103,715.00 £103,437.00 £142,252.00 £150,753.00 £148,612.00 £124,869.00 £118,972.00 £81,790.00
Net Worth £121,557.00 £115,810.00 £158,728.00 £169,095.00 £168,705.00 £144,274.00 £140,100.00 £104,024.00
Total Current Liabilities £2,181.00 £7,127.00 £3,024.00 £1,158.00 £657.00 £522.00 £1,402.00 £345.00
Total Current Assets £104,238.00 £103,437.00 £142,252.00 £150,753.00 £149,862.00 £125,296.00 £120,912.00 £82,440.00
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