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UK Flag 100, White Lion Street, London, London, N1 9PF


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Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using Limited

Active - Accounts Filed

13 September 1991

94120 Activities of professional membership organizations - Activities of professional membership organizations

Available to 15 Jun 2024. Next accounts due by 30 Jun 2025

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Dr Christopher Dalley Director
Dr Shankaranarayana Paneesha Director
Dr Cathy Helen Burton Director
Mrs Laura Miller Director
Mr Patrick Keefe Director
Ms Tharindi Sangeewanee Hapuarachchi Director
Professor Guy Pratt Company Secretary
Dr Susannah Ruth Pavord Director
Dr Mark Ethell Director
Professor John Andrew Snowden Director
Dr Fiona Mary Miall Director
Mr Keith David Ward Director
Ms Kate Ellen Fielding Director
Mr Huw Rowswell Director
Dr Subarna Chakravorty Director
Dr Andrew John Ashcroft Director

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Kate Louise Cwynarski
Murali Kesavan
Mai Khalifa Mohammed
Adele Kay Fielding
Amit Patel
James Seale
Humayun Nazir Ahmad
Fergus Jack
Banu Kaya
Humayun Nazir Ahmad
Maria Helena Gilleece
Simon Alexander Joseph Rule
David John Roberts
James Richard Seale
Gordon Cook
Cheng Hock Toh
Anne Naomi Parker
Trevor William Jones
Eugenie Susannah Randall
Josh Wright
William Arthur Lester
Claire Nicola Harrison
Timothy James Littlewood
Guy Edward Dickens Pratt
Deepti Himatlal Radia
Anne Naomi Parker
Anne Naomi Parker
Nichola Cooper
Kristian Mark Bowles Mbe
Cheng Hock Toh
Trevor Patrick Baglin
Charles Frank Craddock
Christopher Fegan
Elizabeth Chalmers
Paul Trevor Telfer
Matthew James Streetly
James Ambrose Murray
Angela Eleine Thomas
David Grimwade
David Stirling
Jennifer Mary Bird
Mary Frances McMullin
Alexandra Elizabeth Irvine
Michael David Williams
Robert Carr
Antonio Pagliuca
Stephen Arthur Schey
Jennifer Zeala Wimperis
Finbarr Edward Cotter
Rebecca Louise Auer
Patrick Anthony Carrington
Patrick Anthony Carrington
Jo Howard
Vinod Devalia
Jonathan Cullis
David Linch
Nicholas Shaun Bevan Thomas
Hafiz Ur Rehman Qureshi
Hannah Cohen
Robert Campbell Tait
Donald William Milligan
Beverley Jane Hunt
Brenda Elizabeth Simpson Gibson
Timothy John Charles Nokes
Kenneth Ian Mills
Jennifer Karen Mary Duguid
Jennifer Karen Mary Duguid
Stephen Devereux
Samuel John MacHin
Terence Robert James Lappin
Ajay Jaikishore Vora
Paula Bolton Maggs
Ian Maxwell Franklin
Graham Hunter Jackson
David Charles Rees
Kanwal John Pasi
Michael Makris
Archibald Grant Prentice
Anthony Ricard Green
Nicholas Jonathan Dodd
Janet Virginia Clough
Paul Robert Kelsey
Michael Greaves
Anthony Howard Goldstone
Charles Robert John Singer
Gareth John Morgan
John Tennison Reilly
John Tennison Reilly
Dorothy Stainsby
Robert Edwin Marcus
David Graham Oscier
Neigel Hudson Russell
Ian Roderick Peake
Adrian Charles Newland
David Mark Layton
Daniel Catovsky
Hannah Cohen
Alan Kenneth Burnet Burnett
Edward Colin Gordon-Smith
Francis Eric Preston
Ivor Albert John Cavill
Alastair Cameron Parker
John Michael England
Alastair John Bellingham
Alan Harold Waters
Isobel Deda Walker
Isobel Deda Walker
Peter John Hamilton
Colin George Taylor
Joseph Keith Wood
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £1,754,135.00 £2,878,050.00 £2,467,250.00 £2,324,781.00 £2,688,534.00
Net Worth £10,053,256.00 £9,905,407.00 £11,374,237.00 £10,741,322.00 £11,153,794.00
Total Current Liabilities £307,436.00 £1,108,707.00 £599,216.00 £470,333.00 £527,876.00
Total Current Assets £2,440,457.00 £3,441,501.00 £2,865,985.00 £2,925,838.00 £3,145,735.00
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