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UK Flag Floor 7 Angel Lane, 7th Floor 1 Angel Lane, London, EC4R 3AB


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Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

27 June 1989

70100 Activities of head offices - Activities of head offices

Available to 17 Aug 2023. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2024

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Current Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed
Mr Erik Jozef Stessens Director
Mr Vivian Yunning Zhou Director
Mr John Spencer McLaren Company Secretary

Previous Directors & Secretaries

Peter Klein
Scarlet Pereira
Alfred Kamanja Kibe
Justin Stuart Goddard
Paul Devin Corr
Catherine McCaul
Giles Edward Naylor
Thibaut Patrick Andre Gregoire
Giles Edward Naylor
Timothy Gerard Berger
Timothy Gerard Berger
Chris A McWilton
John Spencer McLaren
Noah Jonathon Hanft
Noah Jonathon Hanft
Denise Koen Fletcher
Julia Elizabeth Smith
Timothy John Roe
Andrew Slough
Brendan Alistair Cook
Clive John Rivers
Alastair Michael Stables
Jane Frances Perrins
Stephen Vickers
Helena Mary Miller
Susan Elizabeth Quigley
Linda Anne Wyles
Brent Paul McKenzie
Tyrrell Schmidt
Mark Lindsay Evans
Thomas Comerford
Brian Spinks
Hugh Chater
Angus Duncan MacIver
Mark David Mayhew
Ian David Courtnage
Charles Geoffrey Gill
William Barry Fergus
Richard John Moseley
Alan Alexander Orr
Beryl Farrington
Agnes Cameron
Stephen Paul Brannan
Donald Locke Van Stone
Robert Lynn Hilbourne
Ian Nigel Coles
Nicholas Elmore Scott
Peter James Martin
Philip Manning
Graham Mark Peacop
David Black
Andrew John Douglas
Stephen Turner
Tracey Elizabeth Lowe
David Frank Cooper
Richard Gavin Spence
Roderick Cunningham Bird
Martin David Rutland
Javier Francisco Perez Sanchez
Derek Magrath
Jean Rozwadowski
Ian Thomas Stewart
Colin Roberts
Francis Van Den Bosch
Ian Douglas Francis Ogilvie
James Michael Davison
Rosemary Pearl Horwood
Michael Kirk Turnbull
John Robert Bushby
Michael Gwyn Hawkins
Peter Winston Patrick Godfrey
Robert Petersen Docherty
Mark Stephen Christopher
Keith Edward Maddocks
Thomas Peter Barker
Shaun Powell
Peter John Howard
Graham Hubert Wood
Stephen Allen Carter
Michael Rees Lewis
Patrick John Boylan
Michael John Richardson
Norman Edward Tyler
Philip Lazenby
Paul Murray Rider
Paul Andrew Robert Marsh
Hugh John Furnevel
Johnstone Storrie McMillan
George Cowie Strachan
Robert Edward Evans
Ronald Thomson Clark
Martin Hamish Vincent Gray
Kenneth John Howes
Richard Wilmot Starr Jukes
Christopher Barrett
Desmond Edward Crowley
James Robert Potts
David John Mills
James Shelley Rafferty
John James Gerard Leahy
Andrew Hunter Waldman
Roland Frank Matrenza
Terry Lennon
David Ronald Wydenbach
Harry Eugene Lockhart
Ronald Henry Williams
Roger Keith Alexander
Timothy K Slattery
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £4,370,860.00 £5,886,931.00 £495,867.00 £1,894,919.00 £1,397,307.00
Net Worth £7,851,158,045.00 £7,412,937,906.00 £7,461,532,369.00 £7,853,614,416.00 £6,729,901,867.00
Total Current Liabilities £25,860,032.00 £2,700,136.00 £2,730,716.00 £146,582,718.00 £1,113,048,198.00
Total Current Assets £52,878,109.00 £5,886,931.00 £495,867.00 £1,894,919.00 £1,397,307.00
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