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UK Flag 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

09 July 1985

64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified - The provision of prime services, equity derivative and convertible bond trading and agency execution services.

Available to 31 Dec 2018. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
BARCOSEC LIMITED Company Secretary -
Ms Lea Blinoff Director
Mr Christopher Michael Chambers Director
Gebhard Josef Klingenstein Director
Mr Nicholas Owen Brigstocke Director
Mr Michael David Kenneth Wills Director
Mr Brian Cameron France Director
Mr Stephen Henry Ludwick Moir Director
Mr Andrew Mark Jones Director
Mr Hugh Cameron Shields Director
Mr Charles Robert Lister Director
Mr Richard John Kyle Director
Mr Nicholas John Durlacher Director
Mr Michael John Hesketh Director
Mr David Peter Brown Director
Mr Ian John Wenham Director
Mr Nicholas George Director
Mr Malcolm Edward James Bone Director
Mr Richard Frederick Durlacher Director
Mr Andrew Digby Learoyd Director
Mr Mark Andrew Latham Director
Mr Andrew Fletcher William Dabinett Director
Sigurbjorn Thorkelsson Director
Mr Christopher Colin Chown Director
Mr Simon John Darwen Sharpe Director
Ms Julia Mary Hastings Director
Mr Ian Nicholas Mullen Director
Mr Andre Plomp Director
Mr Steven Michael Wear Bishop Director
Mr Alan Edward Brown Director
Kyung-Geol Lee Director
Mr Ian Roscoe Watts Director
Mr Robert Andrew Bruce Director
Mr Paul John Copson Director
Mr Andrzej Wiktor Sobczak Director
Mr Paul Anthony Sherwood Director
Mr Christopher Philip Haviland Director
Mr John Stephen Mahon Director
Mr Anthony Robert Baker Director
Mr Thomas Grimes Director
Mr Geoffrey Neil Guinness Director
Mr Euan Joseph George Harkness Director
Mr Kenneth David Green Director
Miss Claire Barnes Director
Mr Michael John Ezra Director
Mr Michael Hughes Director
Mr Stewart Ian Millman Director
Mr David Robert Porter Director
Mr John Silvester Varley Director
Mr Charles Clive Scott Director
Mr David Harvey Roden Director
Mr Simon William De Mussenden Leathes Director
Mr Francis Patrick Strain Phillips Director
Mr Paul Ramsay Spence Director
Mr Jonathan Dominic Wauton Director
Meenakshi Adams Director
Dr Anne Lorraine Newbold Director
Mr Nicholas Theobald Sibley Director
Mr Neil Richard Scourse Director
Mr Edward Anthony Spours Nicholson Director
Mr John Leslie Kerr Johnston Director
Mr Christopher Thomas Lloyd Director
Mr Barry Lewis Director
Mr Ashley Stuart Wilson Director
Mr John Edmund Mernagh Director
Mr John David David-Jones Director
Balwinder Singh Bagary Director
Mr Clive Westwood-Dunkley Director
Mr Steven John Harker Director
Mr Amir Eilon Director
Mr Richard Ewan Bromley Mews Director
Mr Timothy Ronald Crammond Director
Mr Timothy Boyle Lake Coghlan Director
Mr John Stewart Cousins Director
Mr John Strathmore Spencer Director
Mr Brian Frederick Gregory Director
Mr Daniel James Hodge Director
Mr Guy Seddon Director
Mr Nicolas John Stuchfield Director
Ms Kaye Rickman Squires Director
Mr David Martin Wadwell Director
Mr William James Smith Director
Mr Stephen Huw Morse Director
Mr James William Rogers Director
Mr Howard Paget Director
Mr Richard Quinn Tapper Director
Mr Stephen John Raymond Rumsey Director
Mr Andrew Paul Tweed Director
Mr Derek John Wallace Director
Mr William Patrick Durlacher Director
Mr Guy Robert Austin Director
Mr Patrick Andrew Clackson Director
Mr James Anthony Smith Director
Mr John Dacre Hastings Ross Director
Mr William Robert Harrison Director
Mr David Hugh Newton Director
Mr Michael Joseph Keegan Director
Mr Alexander Otto Andreas Von Ungern Sternberg Director
Mr Stephen Jeffrey Pull Director
Ms Carol Veronique Barazzone Director
Mr Graeme Stuart Bennet Director
Mr Michael John Gaeton Director
Ms Virginia Anne Holmes Director
Mr Christopher Stephen Mason Pugh Director
Mr Christopher John Wells Director
Mr Karl Gunter Friedrich Evers Director
Ms Lynn David Charles Dukes Director
Mr Jonathan Richard Davie Director
Mr Naguib Kheraj Director
Mr Steven Crane Director
Mr George Mitton Kershaw Director
Mr David Colin Page Director
Mr Emilio Recoder Director
Mr Jonathan Philip Hudson Director
Mr David Band Director
Mr Simon Miles De Zoete Director
Mr Alan James David Watson Director
Mr Andrew Stephen Cullen Director
Mr Thomas Martin Harwood Reid Director
Mr John Martin Wightman Director
Mr Mark Merson Director
Mr Christopher Simon Vant Hoff Director
Mr Kevin McGivern Director
Mr Graham Martin Wade Director
Mr Richard James Priestley Director
Mr Samuel Robert Marrone Director
Mr Peter John Stevens Director
Mr Peter Charles White Director
Mr Richard John Place Director
Ms Sun Fong Steven Hak Director
Mr Michael Bauer Director
Mr Michel Puget Director
Mr Paul Michael Miller Director
Mr Richard Grey Russell Director
Mr Michael Stephen Smethurst Director
Mr David Oliver Cannon Director
Mr Neale Graham Safaty Director
Mr David Robert Rutherford Director
Mr David Han Director
Mr Ian Harold MacDonald Director
Mr Roger Andrew Randall Director
Mr Steven George Larkins Director
Mr Peter Bryant Hilliar Director
Mr Christopher Roy Ellyatt Director
Mr Richard Anthony Collins Director
Ms Helena Lisette Chesney Director
Mr Jonathan Grondin Beebe Director
Mr Eric Didier Bommensath Director
Mrs Julia Michele Matthews Director
Jin-Sool Joo Director
Mr Donald Hood Brydon Director
Mr Michael Gibson Director
Mr David Spiteri Director
Mr Alexander Harold Swinton Director
Mr Robert Napier Thorne Director
Mr Nicholas Philip Hugh Hadow Director
Mr Ian Craig Whyte Company Secretary
Mr John Huw Gwili Jenkins Director
Mr Philippe Simon Andre Lubineau Director
Mr Roderick John Sinclair Director
Mr John Nyren Scott-Malden Director
Mr Trevor John Powell Hart Company Secretary
Mr Richard Jonathan Nelson Howorth Director
Mr Andries Egbert Teeuw Director
Mr King Man Hui Director
Mr Robert Edward Diamond Jr Director
Mr Robert Le Blanc Director
Mr Patrick Henry Osullivan Director
Mr Stephen Blake Kirrage Director
Mr Gregory Gil Quental Director
Sir Peter Edward Middleton Director
Mr Michael Blackburn Director
Ms Lucinda Claire Evans Director
Mr Richard Douglas Stanford Craddock Director
Mr John Neville Eldredge Director
Mr John Anthony Whittaker Director
Mr Peter Gregory Director
Mr Andrew John Adcock Director
Mr Simon Anthony Aldridge Director
The Rt Hon Lord Ralph Thomas Campion George Sherman Stonor Camoys Director
Mr Oliver Henry James Stocken Director
Mr Brian Leonard John Tarrel Director
Mr Michael Hayes Director
Mr Anthony Charles Wilson Director
Mr Anthony Graham Sadler Director
Mr Howard Bailey Trust Director
Mr Tushar Morzaria Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Citibank N.a., London Branch And Citibank International PLC OUTSTANDING
Citibank International PLC;citibank N.a., London Branch; OUTSTANDING
Citibank, N.a., Milan Branch;citibank International PLC, Lisbon Branch;citigroup Global Markets Deutschland Ag;citibank International PLC; OUTSTANDING
Bnp Paribas Securities Services (And Its Successors In Title And Permitted Transferees); OUTSTANDING
Citibank Europe PLC; OUTSTANDING
The Bank Of New York Mellon, Operating Through Its London Branch; OUTSTANDING
Agreement Executed Outside The United Kingdom Over Property Situated There Bank Leumi Le-israel B.m. OUTSTANDING
A Nominee Agreement Amsec Nominees (Asing) Adn Bhd (Appointed Nominee); OUTSTANDING
Charge The Stock Exchange Of The United Kingdom And Republic Of Ireland OUTSTANDING
Charge The International Stock Exchange Of The United Kingdom And The Republic Of Ireland Limited OUTSTANDING
Collateral Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York OUTSTANDING
Custody Agreement Gilliane Philip-courtines OUTSTANDING
Debenture The Bank Of New York OUTSTANDING
Declaration Of Pledge Of Securities Andclaims The Guarantor (Please See Form 395) OUTSTANDING
Deed Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York SATISFIED
Deed Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York OUTSTANDING
Deed Citibank N.a. For Itself And On Behalf Of Each Custodian; OUTSTANDING
Deed Of Charge Jane Street Financial Limited OUTSTANDING
Letter Of Guarantee Citibank, N.a. OUTSTANDING
Pledge Agreement European Central Counterparty Limited; SATISFIED
Pledge Agreement European Central Counterparty Limited; SATISFIED
Security Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York OUTSTANDING
Security Agreement The Bank Of New York Mellon OUTSTANDING
Security Deed European Central Counterparty Limited; SATISFIED
Security Deed By The Company As Crest System-beneficiary Barclays Bank PLC OUTSTANDING
Supplemental Security Deed European Central Counterparty Limited; SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £516,155,000.00 £410,959,000.00 £457,545,000.00 £436,437,000.00 £582,345,000.00
Net Worth £1,233,590,000.00 £1,135,528,000.00 £1,157,472,000.00 £1,209,124,000.00 £1,320,363,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £63,850,358,000.00 £49,150,722,000.00 £55,692,525,000.00 £52,901,592,000.00 £83,249,081,000.00
Total Current Assets £70,258,006,000.00 £52,463,779,000.00 £58,443,671,000.00 £54,529,565,000.00 £85,122,951,000.00
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