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UK Flag 30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2P 2YU


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Voluntary Liquidation

28 March 1980

64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified - Investment banking. Revenue = Interest Income.

Available to 31 Dec 2017. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MS LISA MARVIN Company Secretary -
Mr Alain Kokocinski Director
Mr Yves Drieux Director
Mr Michel Raymond Barret Director
Mr David Andrew Rees Williams Company Secretary
Mr Paul Gennart Director
Mr Patrick Vernon King Stevenson Director
Mr Phillipe Jean Rene Guillame Dulac Director
Mr Benoit Monsaingeon Director
Mr Francois Draveny Director
Thibault Dominique Marie Fulconis Director
Mr Marc Vermeulen Director
Mr Herve Jean Marie Reynaud Director
Mr Denis Michel Coulon Director
Mr Julian Mant Director
Mr Christian Henri Andre Deorges Manset Director
Mr Luqman Philip Vasa Arnold Director
Mr Jean-Paul Rambaud Director
Mr Peter John Haines Director
Mrs Sarah Roussel Director
Mr Louis-Francois Anatole Jean Baptiste Durand Director
Jean-Claude Langer Director
Mr Alec Paul Leon Robert De Lezardiere Director
Mr Ellie Saovaf Director
Mr Bernard Marie Pierre Allorent Director
Mr Maurice Wollecamp Director
Mr Olivier Brunet Director
Mr Philippe Pierre Romagnoli Director
Mr Pierre Yves Mark Martinaud Director
Mr Francois De Rancourt Director
Mr Xavier Jacques Marie Pujos Director
Mr Frederic Janbon Director
Mr Tony Solway Director
Mr Richard Leslie Martin Wohanka Director
Ms Pauline McDerment Director
Mr Keith Alan Schrod Company Secretary
Mr Dominique Jean-Paul Hoenn Director
Mr Francois Pierre Morin Director
Mr Olivier Briens Director
Jean Nunez Director
Mr Kevin John Sowerbutts Director
Mr Robert Marie Alain De Metz Director
Mr Thierry Bernard Director
Mr Stephane Chassard Director
Mr Martin Thomas Egan Director
Mr Pascal Albert Boris Director
Mr Denis Aristide Antoine Director
Mr Shaun Wainstein Director
Mr Francois Michel Regnier Director
Mr Keith Mark Oatway Company Secretary
Mr Stephen Martin Middleton Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Charge The International Stock Exchange Of The United Kingdom And The Republic Of Ireland Limited; SATISFIED
Collateral Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York; SATISFIED
Securities Borrowing Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company New York SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £15,553,000.00 £46,842,000.00 £0.00 £0.00 £116,145,000.00
Net Worth £306,400,000.00 £305,667,000.00 £254,673,000.00 £281,584,000.00 £296,641,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £636,690,000.00 £643,481,000.00 £147,414,000.00 £97,347,000.00 £15,703,000.00
Total Current Assets £947,256,000.00 £980,551,000.00 £402,496,000.00 £378,918,000.00 £312,344,000.00
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