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UK Flag Po Box 695, 8 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8BB


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Company is dissolved

02 May 1975

64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified - Financial services including the managing, underwriting, and marketing of issues of fixed rate, floating rate and equity related securities and other banking services.

Available to 31 Dec 1999. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2001

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR MICHAEL JOHN CONWAY Company Secretary -
Mr Takatsugu Murai Director
Mr Minoru Hatakenaka Director
Mr Tsuneto Chimura Director
Mr Takasuke Kaneko Director
Mr Richard George Robb Director
Mr Hisao Kobayashi Director
Takatsugu Murai Director
Mr Raymond Davidson Director
Mr Shigeo Ochi Director
Mr Takeo Soma Director
Mr Koji Takahashi Director
Mr Takayasu Tanaka Director
Mr Hideo Kitahara Director
Mr Koichi Yoshimine Director
Mr Mamoru Uehara Director
Mr Yoshiteru Murakami Director
Mr Akira Mukai Director
Mr Hiroshi Nagamatsu Director
Seiichiro Sato Director
Mr Masakuni Nishiyama Director
Yutaka Horiguchi Director
Taira Hosaka Director
Mr Mitsuo Hamamoto Director
Mr Takayasu Tanaka Director
Mr Johan Harald Wilhelm Christofferson Director
Mr Tohru Fujino Director
Mr Fumio Miyako Director
Mr Tempei Matsuoka Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Collateral Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York OUTSTANDING
Custody Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York OUTSTANDING
Custody Agreement Banque Paribas OUTSTANDING
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Key Financials

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Net Worth
Total Current Liabilities
Total Current Assets
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