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UK Flag 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5JP


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Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

27 February 1974

64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified - Investment management of assets for institutional clients, through a combination of segregated investments and pooled fund vehicles clients assets are managed through equity, fixed income and balanced products, acts as an agent forclient investments.

Available to 31 Dec 2019. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2021

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
Mr Ross Andrew Hollyman Director
Mr Frank Rolleston Gardner Director
Mr Hendrik Guillaume Francois Van Riel Director
Mr James William Thoby Fisher Director
Mr Peter Charles Grenville Cazalet Director
Mr Murray Lewis Director
Mr Howard Williams Director
Lopa Shanti Kothari Director
Ms Catherine Tedder Director
Ms Annette Judith Welch Director
Mr Patrick Edward Thompson Director
Mr Terence John Beale Director
Ms Nicola Jane Coutts Director
Mr Richard Peter Webb Director
Mr Nigel Walter Alan Chapman Director
Mr Craig Mccowan Cleland Director
Mr Robert Anthony Yaxley Director
Ms Deborah Rodriguez-Pringle Director
Mr Keith Basil Civval Director
Mr Ian Ramsay Henderson Director
Mr Peter John Carney Director
Mr Stephen John Holmes Director
Mr Peter Askew Director
Mr Rupert Hugh Denning Wise Director
Mr Michael Dominic Ashbridge Director
Mr James Richard Nicholson Director
Mr Leonard Victor Ingrams Director
Mr Clive Graham Lloyd Director
Mr John Neville Stuart Director
Mr James Guy Richard Brasher Director
Mr Anthony William Robinson Director
Ms Lorna Jane Harby Director
Mr David James Barron Director
Mrs Philippa Blane Armitage Director
Mr David Henry Pocknee Company Secretary
Shoshannah Stella Bernbaum Director
Mr Richard William Oswald Director
Mr Luke Richdale Director
Mr Martin Bostock White Director
Mr Maximilian Karl Hopfl Director
Mr Robert Henry Gwyn Armstrong Director
Mr James Campbell Director
Mr Anthony Nutt Director
Mr Peter Miles Testa Director
Mr Martin Roy Porter Director
Mr William Nicolson Smith Director
Mr Roger Martin James Thompson Director
Mr John Hugh Innes Director
Mr Christoph Geza Horvay Director
Mr John Alan Lipscomb Director
Mr John Richard Huw Rosier Director
Yeng Yeng Maxwell Company Secretary
Mr Roy Kinnear Director
Mr Michael Francis James Connors Director
Mr Roger Howard Cursley Director
Mr Christian Elsmark Director
Mr Paul Terrence Bateman Director
Mr Clive Stuart Brown Director
Mr Charles Edward Wentworth Wogan Lillis Director
Mr James Baldridge Broderick Director
Mr Jerzy Tobolewski Director
Mr Anthony Ben Charlwood Director
Mr James Edward Staley Director
Mr Garry Murdoch Director
Mr Stephen John Mitchell Director
Mr Gary West Director
Mr Antoine Fouad Khayat Director
Mr David John Court Director
Mr Alexander Rupert Fitzalan Howard Director
Mr Brian William Mitchell Director
Ms Susan Anne Woodstock Director
Mr Martin John Hudson Director
Mr Julian Rupert Francis Healy Director
Mr Stephen Peter Francis MacKlow-Smith Director
Mr Charles Sherwood Dodd Director
Mr Nicolaas William Hofman Director
Ms Ann Beresford Cranmer Director
Mr Adrian Joseph Mitchell Director
Mr Richard Andrew Fitzalan Howard Director
Mr Pablo Forero Director
Mr Brian Richard Campbell Doris Director
Mr Philip Arnold Beale Director
Mr Patrick Antony Francis Gifford Director
Mr Peter Harrison Director
Mr Hugh Jolyon Twiss Director
Mr Robin Philip Christian Lacey Director
Mr Graham Arthur Goodhew Director
Mr Francesco Conte Director
Mr Jonathon Mark Griggs Director
Mr Timothy Selwyn Day Director
Mr Andrew Graham Sherlock Director
Mr George Mavroudis Director
Mr Roderic Aidan Birkett Director
Dr Adaline Mang-Yee Ko Director
Mr Campbell David Fleming Director
Mr David Richard George Cardiff Director
Mr Martyn Godrey Bensley Director
Mr Steven Andrew Ralph Bates Director
Mr Luke James Charles Nunneley Director
Mr Peter Reginald Wright Director
Mr William Thomas Pattisson Director
Mr William George Meadon Director
Mr Mark Simon Tickle Director
Mr Mark Barry Ewart White Director
Mr Stefan Bottcher Director
Mr Christopher James Rothery Director
Mr Peter Geoffrey Seabrook Director
Mr Timothy Michael Knowles Director
Mr Joseph Earl Sweigart Director
Mr Patrick Norman Chaloner Johns Director
Mr Simon James Crinage Director
Mr Simon De Lancey Walters Director
Mr Jeremy William David Harrison Director
Mr Peter John Manser Director
Mr Neil Anthony Honebon Director
Mr Julian Charles Hepher Director
Mr Michael Talbot Alleyne Hughes Director
Ms Vivian Algernon Johnson Director
Mr Malcolm Noel Hudson Director
Mr John Richard Keith Emly Director
Mr Iain Ogilvy Swain Saunders Director
Mr Andrew Spencer Director
Mr Martin James Callaghan Director
Mr Michael John Victor Warrender Director
Mr John William Gibbons Director
Mr Andrew John Ellis Director
Mr Peter John Warwick Director
Mr Robert Charles Michele Director
Mr Stephen James John Bidwell Director
Ms Elaine Don Director
Mr David Paul Baordman Director
Mr Ian Roderick Payne Director
Mr Peter Anthony Flynn Director
Ms Jacqueline Anne Steers Director
Mr Neil Peter Dwane Director
Mr John Christopher Harrison Director
Ms Susanne Patricia Carrington Director
Mr Michael Robarts Director
Ms Susan Margaret Noble Director
Mr Geoffrey William Day Director
Mr Stephen John Mant Director
Mr Michael Cyril Murray Wilson Director
Mr Andrew Keith Watkins Director
Ms Patricia Ann Jane Smith Director
Mr Keith Swabey Director
Ms Lesley Rowena Sherratt Director
Mr Robert Charles Lay Director
Mr David Jackson Director
Mr Kenneth William Ballard Inglis Director
Ms Harriett Mary Morison Baldwin Director
Gabor Sitanyi Director
Mr Jamieson Jonathan Streeter Director
Mr Peter Schwicht Director
Mr Ossama Nassar Director
Mr Mark Lawson Statham Director
Mr Christopher Richard Tracey Director
Mr John Stainsby Director
Mr David Ronald George Paterson Director
Mr Seamus Magner Director
Dr Austin Charles Forey Director
Mr James Michael Ross Saunders Watson Director
Ms Sarah Hope Richards Director
Mr Mark Andrew Bullough Director
Mr Jasper Luke Berens Director
Mr Ioan William Roberts Director
Mr Michael John O'Brien Director
Mr Nicholas John Gartside Director
Ms Bethany Marie Burrow Company Secretary
Mr Daniel Watkins Director
Mrs Victoria Katherine Hastings Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC As Security Trustee Of Rthe Finance Parties; OUTSTANDING
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, As Security Agent; OUTSTANDING
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, As Security Trustee; OUTSTANDING
Wells Fargo Bank National Association, London Branch; OUTSTANDING
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, London Branch, As Security Trustee For The Secured Part; OUTSTANDING
A Security Assignment West Ag, London Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
Assignation In Security Jpmorgan Greater Europe Opportunistic Property Fund (B) Lp SATISFIED
Assignation In Security Westlb Ag, New York Branch (The Administrative Agent) SATISFIED
Assignation In Security The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC (Security Trustee) OUTSTANDING
Assignation In Security The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC (Security Trustee) OUTSTANDING
Assignation In Security Westlb Ag,london Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
Assignation In Security Dated 15 And 16december 2010 And Assignation Westlb Ag, London Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
Borrower Limited Partner Pledge And Security Agreement Jpmorgan Asian Infrastructure & Related Resources Opportunity Fund Cayman Master, L.p. OUTSTANDING
Scottish Confirmation Agreement The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC As Security Trustee For The Finance Parties OUTSTANDING
Security Over Cash Agreement Westlb Ag,london Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
Supplemental Security Assignment Westlb Ag, London Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
Supplemental Security Over Cash Agreement Westlb Ag London Branch As Security Trustee OUTSTANDING
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Key Financials

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Cash £96,941,000.00 £431,760,000.00 £708,402,000.00 £749,427,000.00 £552,657,000.00
Net Worth £566,412,000.00 £704,277,000.00 £700,380,000.00 £682,359,000.00 £601,567,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £185,162,000.00 £200,965,000.00 £229,090,000.00 £230,616,000.00 £231,661,000.00
Total Current Assets £785,154,000.00 £949,952,000.00 £975,312,000.00 £956,515,000.00 £882,709,000.00
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