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UK Flag Canwick Park, Washingborough Rd, Lincoln, LN4 1EF


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Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap

Active - Accounts Filed

23 March 1973

93120 Activities of sport clubs - The provision of golfing and clubhouse facilities for members. Limited by guarantee.

Available to 31 Oct 2017. Next accounts due by 31 Jul 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR DEAN MOORE Director -
Mr Peter Belk Director
Mr Keith Adams Director
Mr John Thompson Director
Mrs Susan Mary Smith Director
Mr Samuel Mulholland McMullan Director
Mr Stewart McCracken Director
Mr John Plumpton Director
Mr Keith Henry Fletcher Director
Mr Anthony Morris Fletcher Director
Mr Denis Gordon Edwards Director
Ms Irene Yvonne Bestford Director
Mrs Rachael Young Director
Mr David Fenton Wright Director
Mr George Hallam Director
Ms Norma Louise Rockett Director
Mr Timothy Paul White Director
Mr Geoff Wilson Director
Mr Richard John Bastin Director
Mr Terry Greenhalgh Director
Mrs Anne Jackson Director
Ms Carol Davies Director
Mr Trevor Mason Director
Mr John Hodge Director
Ms Valerie Jean McCracken Director
Mr Peter Roberts Director
Mr Anthony Thornley Director
Mrs Shirley Anne Standley Company Secretary
Mrs Shirley Anne Standley Director
Mrs Karen Moore Director
Mr Clive Andrew Skinns Director
Mr Vincent Gilman-Abel Director
Ms Christine Grant Dixon Director
Mr Gordon Haigh Director
Ms Shirley Mapleston Director
Mr Andy Gross Director
Mr David John Dixon Director
Mr David John Dixon Company Secretary
Ms Angela Smith Director
Mr Herbert Wilfred Keyte Director
Mr John Henry Fletcher Director
Mr Thomas Craig Director
Mrs Lorna Bennett Director
Mrs Gillian Holder Director
Ms Janice May Cooper Director
Mr Albert Heinz Thompson Director
Mr Neil Porteus Company Secretary
Mr Robert George Mallett Director
Mr Christopher George Bestford Director
Mr Derek McDermott Director
Mr Derek John Yelland Director
Ms Beryl Jean Edwards Director
Mr Walter George Houlton Director
Mr Barry Elsey Director
Mr Arthur Cecil Hodgkinson Company Secretary
Mr Arthur Cecil Hodgkinson Director
Mr Joseph Daubney Edwards Director
Mr Harold Edward John Arnold Company Secretary
Mr William Henry Howard Director
Mr David Emerson Glayzer Director
Mr David John Wright Director
Mr Stephen Wheeler Director
Ms Glynis Wilton Director
Ms Margaret Yelland Director
Mr Duncan Edward Curtis Director
Mr Frederick Holloway Director
Lady Captain Dorothy May Fletcher Director
Mr Andrew Herbert Director
Mrs Valerie McCracken Director
Mr Allan Fullen Director
Mr Christopher Norris Director
Mr David Hayes Director
Mr Donald George Hudson Director
Ms Gillian MacLeod Director
Mr Matthew Harrison Director
Ms Janice Craig Director
Mr Peter Roberts Director
Mr Alan Coates Director
Mr John Barnes Director
Mr Stephen Leslie Wheeler Director
Mr Geoffrey Douglas Lloyd Director
Mr Joseph Henry Edgar Batchelor Director
Mr Anthony Welsh Director
Mr Haydn Lewis Director
Ms Dorothy Janet Reaveley Director
Mr Gordon Haigh Director
Mr Robert Alexander Shaw Director
Mr Peter Musson Director
Mrs Christine Grant Thornley Director
Mr Paul Anthony Finn Director
Mr Glenn Pearson Director
Mr Derek William Parker Director
Ms Dorothy Jean Martin Director
Mr John Arthur Smith Director
Mr Hugh Nicholson Director
Mrs Christine Dixon Director
Ms Lilian Ellmore Director
Mr Roderick William MacLeod Director
Mr David Raymond Ward Director
Mr Roy Munton Director
Mr Rodger Fletcher Foster Director
Mr Peter John Richardson Director
Mr William John Heeley Director
Mr Trevor Anthony Walker Director
Jean Smith Director
Mr John Dennis Cooper Director
Mr Dean Moore Director
Mr Jamie Thorpe Director
Mr Paul Andrew Holder Director
Mrs Helen Jane Bradshaw Director
Mr Vincent Gilman-Abel Director
Mr Jerry Harris Director
Mrs Susan Mary Brown Director
Mr Phil Bradshaw Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Charge Manns Northampton Brewery Company Limited SATISFIED
Debenture Allied Breweries Limited SATISFIED
Debenture The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC OUTSTANDING
Further Legal Charge The Lincoln City Council SATISFIED
Legal Charge Lincoln City Council SATISFIED
Legal Charge Manns Northampton Brewery Ltd SATISFIED
Legal Charge Alied Breweries Limited SATISFIED
Legal Charge The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC OUTSTANDING
Legal Charge Of Licensed Premises The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC OUTSTANDING
Mortgage Mayor Aldermen And Citizens Of The City Of Lincoln SATISFIED
Mortgage Debenture Carlsberg-tetley Brewing Limited SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £42,825.00 £59,500.00 £46,151.00 £33,705.00 £319.00 £1,827.00 £2,581.00 £1,216.00
Net Worth £9,914.00 £21,737.00 £13,972.00 £4,569.00 -£4,368.00 £16,330.00 -£7,407.00 -£2,532.00
Total Current Liabilities £75,942.00 £81,533.00 £92,241.00 £112,281.00 £110,306.00 £104,816.00 £134,656.00 £129,982.00
Total Current Assets £49,686.00 £68,159.00 £61,964.00 £52,070.00 £22,525.00 £28,401.00 £24,381.00 £22,914.00
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