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UK Flag 5th Floor 8 St. James's Square, London, SW1Y 4JU


Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. Plus UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents!


Private limited with Share Capital

Active - Accounts Filed

16 October 1969

66110 Administration of financial markets - Offers its international on-shore and offshore clientele an integrated wealth management service, including the provision of banking products and trust structures as well as investment management advice.

Available to 31 Dec 2018. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2020

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Directors & Secretaries

For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below

Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MS KIRAN SINGH Company Secretary -
Mr Duncan Mackenzie Wilson Director
Mr John Reed Director
Mr Adrian Howard Director
Mr Stephen Laurence Potter Director
Mr David Michael Arr Director
Mr William George Davis Director
Mr Graham Peter Knight Director
Mr Thomas Anthony John Boyce Director
Mr Harry Sheldon Swain Director
Mr Clive John Banks Director
Mr Charles John Perrin Director
Mr David Nicholas Gavaghan Director
Mr Jean-Pierre Flais Director
Mr Richard Keith Allen Director
Mr Charles Edward Hambro Director
Mr Peter Charles Percival Hambro Director
Mr Kenneth Thomas Williams Director
Ms Heather Irene Thomas Director
Mr John Fintan Tuke Director
Mr Tomas Johan Tullberg Director
Mr Peter John Scharf Director
Mr William Michael Young Herries Director
Mr Tony Ashley Cooper Director
Mr Andrew Reginald Bolt Director
Mr Mark Alexander Nimmo Company Secretary
Mr Alain Bataille Director
Mr Jarl Erik Solitander Director
Mr David Charles Farrow Director
Mr Daniel Truchi Director
Mr Eivind Rabben Director
Mr Alan Trevor Noakes Director
Mr Derrick Ronald Scott Director
Mr Richard Alexander Olliver Director
Dr Alfredo Wilhelm Mallmann Director
Ms Lorraine Rogers Director
Mr Gerlacus Moes Director
Mr Timothy Edward Humphreys Director
Mr Peter Francis William Large Director
Mr Patrick Robert Marie Pagni Director
Mr William John Nunes Nabarro Director
Mr Arthur Frederick Brignall Director
Mr Simon William De Mussenden Leathes Director
Mr Thomas Henry Ward Director
Mr Peter Michael Evans Lombe Director
Mr Robert Hilton Bigley Director
Mr Frederic Robert Andre Oudea Director
Mr Ian Warner Beauchamp Director
Mr David Richard Curtis Director
Mr Stephen Bendyshe Burnett Director
Mr Nicholas Huson Scott-Barrett Director
Mr Jeremy David Hicks Director
Mr John Michael May Director
Mr James Nigel Shelley Cooper Director
Mr Philippe Citerne Director
Mr Paul Richard Reynolds Director
Ms Stephane Jean Hild Director
Mr Vesa Veikko Suurmunne Director
Ms Melanie Jane Richards Director
Mr Nicholas Craig Harvey Director
Mr Charles Ashley McManus Director
Mr David Owen Ewart-James Director
Mr David Henry Fitzherbert Director
Mr Andrew Everard Martin Smith Director
Mrs Penelope Le Messurier Adomakoh Director
Mr Stephen James Michael Brisby Director
Mr Jonathan David Klein Director
Mr Milton Dean Dwonczyk Director
Mr Grahame Howard Jonathan Turner Director
Ms Nicola Karina Christina Horlick Director
Mr Gerard Paul Lynch Director
Mr Matthew Edward Davies Director
Mr John Nigel Heywood Director
Mr Gregory Mark Nottle Director
Mrs Mikiko Fujiwara Director
Ms Henrietta Rebecca Podd Director
Rudolphus Johannes Clemens Herman Campman Director
Mr Jean-Pierre Mustier Director
Mr John Fergus Dymock Director
Mr Eric John Harvey Director
Mrs Karen Mason Director
Mr Jacques Ripoll Director
Mr Paul Michael Mulvey Director
Mr Bertrand Poplu Director
Mr Edward Andrew Baglin Director
Ms Talia Elizabeth Foa Company Secretary
Mr Mark Watson Benstead Director
Mr Philip Jonathan Cassen Director
Mr Andrew Philip King Director
Mr Andrew John Haddleton Director
Mrs Susan Mary Cross Director
Mr Gilbert John Chalk Director
Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Shaw Company Secretary
Mr Jeremy Robert Douglas Cox Director
Mr Neil Jonathan Holden Director
Mr Paul Howard Rayner Director
Mr Christopher John Huxley Buzzard Director
Mr Jonathan Charles Gosselin Trower Director
Mr Geraud De Nadaillac Director
Mr Ian William Gell Director
Dr Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp Director
Mr Giles John Julian Tucker Director
Mr Stephen Hatch Director
Mr Guido Giulio Fortunato Lombardo Director
Mr Peter Denis Hill-Wood Director
Mr Nicholas Stuart English Director
Mr Roger Philip Mountford Director
Mr Brian Curtis Director
Mr Humphry Nigel Darling Director
Mr Ange Dominique Theophile Beretti Director
Mr Thomas Frank Candy Director
Mrs Janice Carol Cowell Director
Jean Pierre Marchand Director
Mr Roy McGregor Director
Mr James Anthony Coulson Director
Mr Stuart Rodwell Chandler Director
Mr Richard David Heaton Trythall Director
Mr Roger Anthony Barnes Director
Mr John James Christopher Newman Director
Mr John Francis Cook Director
The Honourable George Edward Adeane Cvo Director
Mr Peter Laurence Binder Director
Mr Andre Charles Daniel Brand Director
Mr Mark Jeremy Taylor Director
Mr Michael Henry Louis Xavier Aubry Director
Mr Charles Ronald Buchanan Cox Director
Dr Paul James Remington Director
Mr Patrick Buxton Mitford-Slade Director
Mr Andrew Mark Hamilton Director
Mr Peter Laurence Patrick Company Secretary
Sir Adam Nicholas Ridley Director
Ms Jaqueline Lundie Gourlay Director
Mr Bernard Charles Marie David Director
Mr John Roden Plimmer Director
Mr Julian Richard Chillingworth Director
Count Winfried Henckel Von Donnersmarck Director
Mr Charles Basil Tilley Director
Mr Timothy James Hester Director
The Hon Nicholas Assheton Director
Mr Simon Richard Woodroffe Director
Mr Alan William Webster Munro Director
Mr Simon Michael Pirie Ling Director
The Honourable Giles Thomas Nevill Money-Coutts Director
Dott Alfonso Iozzo Director
Mrs Dania Maria Seiglie Director
Mr David John Hancock Director
Mr Nicholas Hurst Page Director
Mr Charles Clarke Director
Mr James Alexander Gustave Harold Stewart Director
Mr Charles Robert Denys Arbuthnot Director
Mr Ian David Michael Director
Lord Clive Richard Hollick Of Notting Hill Director
Mr Jess Tonny Pedar Lawes Director
Mr Denis Charles Cross Director
Ms Margaret Lesley Croysdill Director
Mr John Masterman Hardy Director
Harvinderpal Singh Hungin Director
Mr Stephen Collins Director
Mr Gerald Vincent Bodenham Thompson Director
Mr David Dale Bailey Director
The Hon Nicholas Duncan Beatty Director
Mr George Lassados Director
Mr Henri Alfred Jean Lassalle Director
Mr Yves Thieffry Director
Mr Pierre Michel Charles Leon Mathe Director
Ms Denise Maria Petrozzi Director
Mr Alexander Evelyn Giles Ward Director
Mr Andrew Alfred Salmon Director
Ms Kiran Singh Company Secretary
Mr Pietro Antonelli Director
Mr David Phillip Gibbs Director
Mr Alexander Michael Sorkin Director
Mr David Gwynder Lewis Director
Mr Paul James Duffy Director
Mr Edmund George Imjin Fosbroke Truell Director
Mr Graham Jones Director
Mr Edward Mark Warren Director
Mr Bruce Charles Sutherland Director
Mr Philip William Best Director
Mr Antony Romer Beevor Director
Mr Adrian Bell Director
Mr Luigi Maranzana Director
Sir Michael Dacres Butler Director
Mr John Michael Stuart Gisborne Director
Mr Patrick Gelin Director
Mr Robert Waddington Director
Mr Anthony Granville Mallin Director
The Rt Hon The Earl Charles Edward Neil Director
Mr Daniel Evans Company Secretary
Mr Jaques Emile Bouhet Director
Mr Michael Moray Chidlaw Faltham Jones Director
Mr Philip Daniel Gee Director
Mr Guy Martin Wynter Director
Mr Anthony Gerard Curtin Director
Mr Christopher Roxburgh Balfour Director
Mrs Gabrielle Alice Branson Company Secretary
Mr Ian James Fisher Director
Sir John Chippendale Lindley Keswick Director
Mr David Geraint Jenkins Director
Mr Warwick John Newbury Director
Mr Eric Edmund Barnett Director
Mr Jean-Francois Mazaud Director
Ms Sadia Brigitte Ricke Director
Mr John Whitaker Maitland Director
Mr Xavier Philippe Lofficial Director
Mr Nigel Antony Pantling Director
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Mortgages and Charges

Total Outstanding


Total Satisfied


Type Created Registered Persons Entitled Status
Agreement National Bank Voor Middellang Kredit N.v. Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. ; SATISFIED
Agreement National Bank Voor Middellang Kredit N.v. Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. ; SATISFIED
Collateral Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York; SATISFIED
Collateral Agreement Governing Secured Borrowings By Participants In The Euroclear System Euroclear Bank S.a./n.v.; SATISFIED
Collateral Agreements Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York ; SATISFIED
Declaration Of Pledge Of Securities Andclaims The Guarantor (See Form 395); SATISFIED
Deed Of Covenant Nationale Bank Voor Middellang Kredit N.v. Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. ; SATISFIED
Deed Of Covenant Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. & Nationale Bank Voor Middellang Krediet N.v. ; SATISFIED
Deed Of Covenant Hombros Bank Extutor And Trustee Company Ltd. ; SATISFIED
Financial Agreement Hambros Bank Executor And Trustee Co. Ltd. ; SATISFIED
Legal Charge Midland Bank PLC; SATISFIED
Reciprocal Collateral Agreement Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York ; SATISFIED
Statutory Mortgage Nationale Bank Voor Middellang Kredit N.v. & Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. ; SATISFIED
Statutory Mortgage Hollandsche Bank-unie N.v. & Nationale Bank Voor Middellang Kredit N.v. ; SATISFIED
Statutory Mortgage Hmabros Bank Excutor And Trustee Company Ltd. ; SATISFIED
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Key Financials

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Cash £31,000.00 £231,154,000.00 £247,705,000.00 £169,360,000.00 £52,993,000.00
Net Worth £255,785,000.00 £272,136,000.00 £375,914,000.00 £467,183,000.00 £415,213,000.00
Total Current Liabilities £1,426,081,000.00 £1,980,166,000.00 £2,389,911,000.00 £2,335,425,000.00 £1,912,514,000.00
Total Current Assets £1,577,585,000.00 £1,555,670,000.00 £2,533,465,000.00 £2,567,618,000.00 £2,093,875,000.00
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