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UK Flag C/o Steeles Law Solicitors Limit, St. Andrews Hill, Norwich, NR2 1AD


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Active - Accounts Filed

30 August 1892

94120 Activities of professional membership organizations - The advancement of the interests of the society and its members.

Available to 31 Dec 2017. Next accounts due by 30 Sep 2019

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Directors & Secretaries

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Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
MR TOM BAILEY Director -
Mr Damian Humphrey Director
Ms Aisha Khalaf Director
Mr George Ian Francis Director
Ms Polly Elizabeth Morgan Director
Mr David Arthur Wellesley Rose Director
Mr Zak Virgin Director
Mr Gerald Edward Bruce Chilton Director
Mr Marcus James Chapman Director
Mr Sarb Singh Gosal Director
Mr Mark Milkovics Director
Brooks Robert Simpson Director
Mrs Nicola Jane Swan Director
Mr Peter Ralph Mason Director
Mr Richard Thomas Bevan Director
Mr William James Armstrong Director
Mrs Sian Nicola Carrel Director
Mr Michael Marsh Orr Director
Ms Frances Jane Davy Director
Mr Richard John Jacob Director
Ms Jacqueline Lesley Story Director
Mr John Malcolm Malone Director
Mr Hugh Edward Charles Wiltshire Director
Mr Geoffrey Woolsey Woolsey-Brown Director
Mr Damian Humphrey Company Secretary
Mr Peter Giles Webster Director
Mr George Latimer Williams Director
Ms Deborah Ann Girling Director
Mr Michael John Steward Director
Ms Erica Jane Povoas Director
Mr Rupert William James Hipwell Director
Mr Andrew Jonathan Barnes Director
Adney Payne Director
Ms Victoria Helen Smith Director
Mr Robin David Postle Director
Mr Mark Jonathan Nicholson Director
Ms Rebecca Ruth Rusling Director
Mr Damian Paul Humphrey Director
Mr Nicholas John Sinclair Hancox Director
Mr Andrew John Hawker Director
Mr Martin Francis Gerard Dunne Director
Mr Paul Robert Ayers Director
Ms Teresa Jeanette Shepperson Director
Ms Teresa Jeanette Shepperson Company Secretary
Mr Colin Stewart Brown Director
Mr Barry Ian Rutland Director
Mr Philip Harold Roger Browning Director
Mr Graham Bull Director
Ms Fiona Jane Page Director
Ms Elizabeth Stokes Director
Ms Rosa Celentano Director
Mr Richard Frederick Fowle Director
Mr Simon James Nicholls Director
Mr Alan Dobbins Director
Mr Bruce Marshall Adam Director
Mr David Ian Tomlinson Director
Mr Gary Steven Leverett Director
Mr Richard Arthur Glanvill Temple Director
Mr Malcolm William Robins Director
Ms Catherine Iliff Director
Mr Alan Robert Kefford Director
Mr Thomas Richard David Wagstaff Director
Mr Roger Neil Percival Director
Mr Trevor George Beckford Director
Mr Timothy John Cary Director
Mrs Marilyn Barnett Director
Standley Charles Bushell Director
Mr Andrew Jeremy Blencowe Director
Mr John Stephen Lintott Director
Mr Timothy William Stevenson Director
Ms Karen Julia Phillips Director
Mr David Arthur Wellesley Rose Director
Mr Nicholas John Sinclair Hancox Director
Mr Michael John Watson Churchouse Director
Mr Peter Sydney Aubin Nicholls Director
Ms Isobel Margaret Ann Baggott Director
Mr Roger Steven Holden Director
Ms Jacqueline Frances McClay Director
Mr Gavin Croft Wilcock Director
Mr Roger Steven Holden Director
Mr John Digby Riddett Director
Mr Malcolm James Partridge Director
Ms Denise Helen Findlay Director
Mr Paul Robert Ayers Company Secretary
Mr Andrew David Knoyle Wood Director
Mr Alasdair Malcolm Darroch Director
Mr Benjamin Alan Dures Director
Mr Michael Charter Cole Director
Mr Ross Peter Strowger Director
Mr Gordon Richard Dean Director
Mr Christopher John Cubitt Director
Ms Lauren Toynton Director
Mr Dave Richards Director
Mr Robert Tiffen Director
Ms Susan Sawyer Director
Mrs Ginny Colman Director
Ms Sarah Ruth Wolstenholme-Smy Director
Ms Sarah Ruth Wolstenholme-Smy Company Secretary
Ms Michaela Watts Director
Mr Leon Head Director
Ms Hannah Arnold Director
Mr James Hunter Director
Ms Claire Clarke Director
Mrs Jeanette Deborah Wheeler Director
Mr Luke Parker Director
Ms Suzanne Elizabeth Peacock Director
Mr Damian Fisher Director
Ms Sarah Garlish Director
Ms Amber Moll Director
Mrs Lara Cole Director
Mr Ben Ward Director
Adney Payne Director
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Mortgages and Charges

No mortgages or charges have been registered against this company.
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Key Financials

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Cash £16,829.00 £13,906.00 £23,642.00 £11,526.00 £10,684.00
Net Worth £15,078.00 £13,111.00 £21,992.00 £10,671.00 £9,799.00
Total Current Liabilities £2,751.00 £795.00 £1,650.00 £855.00 £885.00
Total Current Assets £17,829.00 £13,906.00 £23,642.00 £11,526.00 £10,684.00
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