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Search for any UK company director and view all their current, resigned and dissolved company appointments, plus detailed company information including registration summary, Cash at Bank, Net Worth, Assets, Liabilities and Stock, Risk Scores, Credit Limits, Mortgages and County Court Judgements, and other directors

To try our service, simply type a company or director name into the box below and click search.


View current, resigned and dissolved appointments for any UK company director. Full company profiles are available for each current appointment and include:

  • Director name and DOB
  • Registered address
  • Appointments Summary
  • Personal Summary
  • Accounts table
  • Other Directors
  • Business Activity
  • Graphed Key Financials
  • Insolvency Risk Score
  • Credit Limit
  • Key Risk Factors
  • CCJs and Mortgages
  • Risk Scores

    Don't take any risks! Understand the credit risk of every company you deal with.

    Our Risk Score rates from 0 to 100 and predicts the probability of a business becoming insolvent within the next 12 months.

    Discrimination analysis of historical company insolvencies is a factor in the statistical analysis which is performed across our database. Risk weightings are then appended to individual companies.

    Credit limits are also provided recommending the maximum amount of credit offered to a business at any one time.

  • Free Company Accounts

    Get an immediate picture of the health of any UK company with graphed key financials including trends for cash at bank, net worth, assets and liabilities, free of charge.

    If you login (it's free) you can view financial tables of the accounts for all UK companies extracted the company accounts submitted to Companies House. You can download copies of the filed accounts submitted to Companies House at no cost.

    Our latest CSV download feature is a UK first! From just 66p per day, you can download unlimited Accounts CSVs.

  • Be the first to know

    Our notifications ensure you are the first to know when there are changes to a director's company credit or financial status.

    Don't be left holding a debt that's sure to be written off.

    Free email alerts whenever there are changes to a directo';s company. You can monitor an unlimited number of directors and receive alerts by email.

    We will alert you with any changes in a company's credit status, when new accounts are filed, director and ownership changes, administrative or liquidation events and County Court Judgments.

    Simply click the 'Watch This Director' button on any page. Join the 5,000 registered visitors already benefiting from this service.

  • Pay for only what you need

    Alongside our free service, we offer comprehensive director reports. For £10 you can get 30 days unlimited access to a chosen director record.

    Director reports include company Credit Scores, Credit Limits, Accounts, Other Directors, CCJ's, Mortgages and Charges.

    Not only that, you can upgrade to 12 months unlimited access for only £20

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  • Why use Director Check?

    Read what our existing customers think. They say more than we could:

    "Excellent Website! Perhaps you should team up with Wikipedia. Very good site. I am one of these people who isn't impressed easily but I have to say your site has saved me hours of research, I will be recommending it to a few people."

    "The site provides great information about Limited Companies that would just a few months ago have cost money to obtain. The graphs are an excellent idea and of great use to those who have difficulty reading company financial reports. "


Visitors - 1,000,000 visitors every month. Over 25% of visitors come back every day.

Shared - thousands of directors are shared with our easy to use Twitter and Facebook links on the top of every director page.

Company Accounts - available for every current director!

Unlimited access - no other company offers year round access to a director record for less than £2 /month.

Director Searches - 500,000 director searches carried out every month.

Free Director Watch - Join thousands of customers who benefit from FREE email alerts when a director record changes.